Keeping Keith Lee “Limitless On WWE RAW

Here we go again…

“Vince McMahon doesn’t know how to book NXT talent!” – “Main Roster is where NXT guys go to die!” – “XYZ should stay in NXT forever!”

Keith Lee, “The Limitless One”, had only been on WWE RAW for a hot minute before certain corners of the IWC reared their ugly heads to try and convince you that he has already been buried. That’s right, you heard me… buried. A man who just weeks ago was NXT Champion and North American Champion at the same time before consumating his main roster debut with a pay-per-view victory over one of the greatest of all time – Randy Orton.

So why and how on earth would you be able to say that he has been buried? Ah, well that’s very simple you see. He has new entrance music and slightly different ring attire. The two pillars of being “buried.” New song. New clothes. Buried. Pardon my French here, but what the fuck is wrong with people?

If that’s what being buried means then sign me up for a quick burial!

With that out of the way, we move on to how Keith Lee and WWE can maintain this hot start and allow fans to ‘bask in his glory’ while Vince pushes him to the moon (as has been reported here). I love Keith Lee, I really do, but in the space of a week we’ve already seen him go toe to toe with Orton three times. To me this screams that WWE are already not sure what to do with him after his arrival brought with it much fanfare and excitement. Lee very much deserves a rocket strapped to his back, but in this day and age what we really don’t want is to see a talented superstar forced down peoples throats too soon. Roman Reigns anybody?

I would go one of two ways. Aleister Black recently turned heel and will likely feud with Kevin Owens for the next month or so and will need a new target when he’s done. “Bask In My Glory” vs “Knock On My Door”… sign me up. Failing that, a certain Mr Dijakovic is still waiting to officially move up to the main roster. Why not give the main roster fans a taste of the magic that Lee and Dijak conjured up in NXT together? Sure, we’ve seen it a bunch already, but that can be forgiven when the end product is as phenomenal as their seemingly never ending series was on the black and gold brand.

What Lee needs is to be eased in just the right amount. Not shoved straight into the title scene. Not made to hold a mid card title before floating around in anonymity. The sky truly is the limit(less) for him. I don’t think i would ever forgive WWE and Vince McMahon if Lee turns out to be yet another Chad Gable, Elias, Aleister Black…

All that anybody wants is to BASK… IN HIS GLORY!


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