IMPACT Wrestling 9/1/20 Results and Recap

Welcome to BodySlam’s Live Coverage of tonight’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling on AXSTV, we hope if you’re not sitting on your couch watching the show right now you’ll kick back with me and keep up with the show here and over on my twitter @ChatChatterson. Tonight Eddie Edwards defends his IMPACT World Championship against the despicable “World Class Maniac” Eric Young, WrestleHouse continues as Taya and Rosemary battle for ownership of John E Bravo, Sami Callihan takes on Rob Van Dam and Deonna Purrazzo has her very own black tie affair PLUS so so much more. I hope you’re as ready as I am because it’s time to get down to business folks!

IMPACT kicks off recapping Eddie Edwards vs. RVD from last week, Eric Young’s post match assault and Jordynne Grace challenging Deonna Purrazzo in the first ever Knockouts 30 Minute Ironman Match.

Apparently Deonna Purrazzo has invited everyone on the IMPACT roster to a black tie affair tonight. Guess it’s time to get the pinkies up and drinkies down in celebration.

Oof we’re kicking things off with Callihan vs. RVD? Alright, this is what I like. IMPACT are impeccable at starting their shows off with a bang these days. This one will definitely be a banger.

RVD w/Kaite Forbes vs. Sami Callihan

Decent match between these two. Forbes of course getting involved plenty of times, only some of those actually helping RVD. We get some brawling on the outside and then when things get properly rolling a very serviceable match. Sami Callihan picks up the win by reversing a roll through pin into one of his own for the three. I think there was some holding back here, not everything I’d have expected from the pairing but hopefully we’ll see more down the road.

Winner – Sami Callihan

Post match Katie Forbes gets in Callihan’s face and Callihan stalks her around ringside allowing RVD to get the jump on Sami Callihan. The two beat down Sami and RVD gets a chair. Inside the ring Sami Callihan is set up in the corner and the chair placed over his face. Katie Forbes runs into it with a running hip attack straight to Callihan’s head and then RVD finishes things up with the dropkick to the chair and Sami’s face.

Josh and Madison run down the card. They mention Deonna’s black tie affair, the Rascalz vs. Austin and Fulton, Taya vs. Rosemary in WrestleHouse, Eddie Edwards defending the IMPACT World Championship against Eric Young and Rhino vs. Reno Scum.

Hernandez is back to his old money making ways, defeating Fallah Bahh for some extra cash. Reno Scum arrives and say they’ve checked the whole building and there’s no Heath to be seen. Hernandez says that’s great and they should be able to take Rhino out two on one easily. Reno Scum says they got into a lot of trouble taking our Rhino last time and if Hernandez wants the job done this time they want all the money, not just a cut. Hernandez agrees and they bump fists to seal the deal.

We return to WrestleHouse in the stooge room where Taya, Rosemary and John E Bravo are all talking about their situation separately. Taya says Rosemary and Bravo lied to her and kept her in the dark when she let them into her lives. Bravo says he’s caught in the middle and realises now how stupid he was because now he might lose everything. Taya says now they’re here for as long as she decides.

The WrestleHouse crew try and get Johnny Swinger out of the bathroom where he’s hiding because Crazzy Steve dressed him. Crazzy Steve says he titled the piece “The Man Called Swing”. Kylie Rae asks what they’re doing and she says they should try being nice. Susie thinks that’s a great idea and asks him nicely to come out, saying they won’t make fun of him. When he comes out they all rib on him with The Deaners saying he looks like a rejected member of ICP, Swingy 2 Dope. Swinger says that Matt Borne would be laughing at him and asks how long he has to wear it, Crazzy Steve tells him, “as long as it takes.”

John E Bravo comes by and Tommy Dreamer has words. He says he’s going to allow Bravo to control his own destiny tonight as the special guest referee to Taya vs. Rosemary.

Reno Scum vs. Rhino…and maybe Heath?

Before the bell Reno Scum try to beat down Rhino but he keeps the upper hand. Finally Rhino gets Thornstowe into the ring and things get going. No Heath apparently. Classic handicap match with the two heels working over Rhino and beating him down. Every time Rhino tries to mount a comeback one of the members of Reno Scum is there to cut it off. In the closing moments it looks as if Adam Thornstowe is about to lay a whipping on Rhino with his belt but the cameraman gets into the ring and lays him out with the Wakeup Call, Heath’s finishing move, to allow Rhino to get the win! Okay match, really fun finish.

Winner – Rhino

Post match the cameraman reveals, as everyone expected, that he was indeed Heath. He and Rhino celebrate but not for long as here comes Scott D’Amore and security. Oh-oh. Security chase Heath off as he’s not looking for trouble and D’Amore and Rhino go back and forth in the ring.

EC3 appears to Moose in a VT backstage where he tells him that he likes him and that’s why he’s giving him the chance to meet him and reclaim his stolen TNA Championship. If he doesn’t then the title will be sent back to him piece by piece. Moose is raging and rushes out of the room, he runs into a dude and tells him there’s a hostage situation and to call the police, EC3 has his championship. The man tells Moose that EC3 is here and on the other side of the building. Moose rushes off and the unknown gent takes off his hoodie to reveal an EC3 “Control Your Narrative” t-shirt…ominous music plays…creepy business. I worry for Moose.

The Good Brothers are partying, having some brewskis and telling stories with security backstage. Everyone’s laughing it up and having a good time. The Rascalz are ushered in to hear some stories but they’re not in the mood. They tell Gallows and Anderson that they’re too busy focusing on Fulton and Austin tonight. The Big LG says they’ve been there and done that and could give the Little B.I.Ts (Brothers in Training) some advice but the Dez and Wentz don’t want it and take off.

Back in WrestleHouse Swinger is trying to give Bravo some advice on his situation. The Deaners are quick to remind him of the first rule of WrestleHouse, don’t listen to anything Swinger says. Swinger says there’s too much heat in this kitchen and makes his way out but as he does he runs into Larry D who’s on his way to the fridge. This reminds Cody and Cousin Jake that they never found out who took their beer. They call out Larry D and tensions rise, Acey Romero tries to remind them all that they took a truce but Larry D says NO! NO TRUCE! Things break down and the two teams start brawling all over the kitchen. Cody Deaner goes to break the TV over Acey’s head but Dreamer reminds him he needs that TV to watch IMPACT Wrestling every Tuesday Night at 8pm Eastern Standard Time. Good save Tommy. Acey and Cody both notice a ping pong table…so play ping pong…aggressively. Man this brawl is filled with top level patter. Both teams go back and forth brawling and goofing. Eventually Cody Deaner finds a bottle of beer under Larry D’s bed and the anger makes him power up before drilling Larry with a huge DDT which somehow reverts him back to Lawrence D. Huge pounce by Acey to Cody and then Cousin Jake throws powder into Acey’s eyes. Susie walks in and finds out they broke the truth…uh-oh…Su Yung leaks out and apparently murders everyone. Tommy Dreamer arrives and announces Susie the winner before seeing the blood on her hands. He has to go, he has the runs.

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton vs. Dez and Wentz of The Rascalz

Madman Fulton starts this thing off and Ace Austin doesn’t bother even getting on the apron. Dez and Wentz show off their speed and skill chopping the big man down forcing Ace to take things more seriously. Man, great match. The Rascalz are always so innovative and so entertaining to watch. Every combination in this match has been fun. The story of getting Fulton down and out because he poses such a threat really gave a different dimension to the match and that’s exactly what the Rascalz do before Dez hits a spiral tap on Ace Austin to pick up the win. Fantastic match.

Winners – The Rascalz

Post match the Motor City Machine Guns come out and give props to The Rascalz. They say that the Rascalz could have had no idea it’d be the MCMG answering their open challenge at Slammiversary and have two questions for them, first can they party with them and second do they want another shot at the tag championships next week on IMPACT? Before they can get an answer however Ace Austin and Madman Fulton jump Dez and Wentz which sends Sabin and Shelley to the ring to make the save.

Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo arrives backstage and runs into Fallah Bahh, Gia Miller and Willie Mack. She asks if what they’re dressed in will be what they’re wearing to her black tie celebration later tonight and is not happy when they tell her yes. She walks off in disgust and runs into Kimber Lee. Yay Kimber Lee! She asks Lee if she’s going to the party tonight and says she wants her to be the guest of honor. Every artist needs a curator and she if Jordynne Grace tries to steal her spotlight tonight she wants Kimber Lee there to watch her back. I like this pairing. Moose interrupts and asks them if they’ve seen EC3. Ew…NO!

Backstage X Division Champion Rhoit Raju is gazing lovingly at the title when TJP approaches him. TJP says Rohit is giving out opportunities and he’s taking them. He wants a shot at the title. Rohit explains that Chris Bey is next in line but if TJP wants to take things up with Chris Bey he might be able to jump the line. TJP then does some weird rhyme thing and walks off. Okay.

Back to WrestleHouse and it’s time for Taya vs. Rosemary. It’s going to be interesting to see who walks out on top of this one. 

Taya Valkyrie vs.Rosemary for Control of John E Bravo – Special Ref. John E Bravo

This one starts off with a lot of trash talking, Taya calls Rosemary nothing but an emo kid who shops in Hot Topic and Rosemary fires back calling Slam Town a cesspool of imbiciles. Daaang. It all breaks down with both women slapping the hell out of each other. Taya dominates a lot to start this one out and doesn’t want Bravo getting involved even though he’s the ref. When Rosemary does get her licks in though they are vicious and aggressive. Rosemary doesn’t seem happy with Bravo even though he’s calling it fair. The women go move for move, exchanging spears and kicks and eventually taking each other out. Rosemary goes for Taya in the corner and takes herself out before being hit by the Road to Valhalla allowing Taya to pick up the pin and the win.

Winner – Taya Valkyrie

Post match Rosemary says that there’s nothing more to do and everyone can go home but Bravo says there’s one more thing to do. Bravo finally bites the apple and proposes to Rosemary. He says that while Rosemary lost a wrestling match it doesn’t  mean anything and that his job as Taya’s manager shouldn’t get in the way of him having a happy personal life and asking Rosemary to marry him. Taya says that it’s okay with her and John E Bravo asks if Rosemary will do him the honor of being his wife. Rosemary says “You do know I’m a demon, don’t ya?” and Bravo tells her that’s what he loves about her before Rosemary says yes. AWWWWWW Now that’s some romance in wrestling. Beautiful. Kylie Rae says that it was the sweetest thing she ever saw but can they go back to the IMPACT Zone now as she wants to become Knockouts Champion. Taya agrees and everyone gathers in the ring. The Deaners lament about their stolen beer and we get one final shot from the stooge room where Crazzy Steve admits it was him, how was he supposed to know it was theirs? He can’t read the labels! Everyone puts their hands in the middle and teleport out of WrestleHouse. What a fine end to a dang fine angle.

It’s time for Deonna Purrazzo’s black tie affair. Kimber Lee introduces the champion and she comes down and talks about how like Michelangelo and Donatello she has painted a masterpiece in IMPACT Wrestling. She says nobody can ruin her good night. Jordynne Grace interrupts and tells her she’s not here to put a damper on things, she’s here to tell Deonna to enjoy her title reign because it’s not going to last long. Tenille Dashwood makes her return and asks how everyone knew to be here to celebrate her return, oh well, every night is all about her. She’s coming for the Knockouts Championship and Deonna Purrazzo has never beat her. Jordynne Grace asks how she could have beat Tenille when she’s never there. All of a sudden the cast of WrestleHouse appear in the ring and things break down. Deonna tries to attack Kylie Rae but she’s dodged and sent to the outside. The segment ends with Susie and Kylie alone in the ring and Kylie holding the Knockouts Championship.

We see Eric Young and Eddie Edwards backstage ahead of their IMPACT World Championship match which is up next.

Brian Myers is backstage with Gia Miller. He says next week he’ll be offering Willie Mack a chance to come down to the ring and shake his hand out of respect for defeating him. Yeah. That’ll go down well. Moose interrupts and asks if Myers has seen EC3 who tells him that he was down the hall to the left. Moose thanks him and gets on his way before Myers storms off unhappy that his interview was interrupted.

Josh and Madison run down the card for next week. Madison has Kylie Rae and Susie on Locker Room Talk, Chris Bey takes on TJP and the MCMG defend their IMPACT Tag Team Championships against the Rascalz but right now? It’s time for the IMPACT World Championship Main Event!

Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Eric Young – IMPACT World Championship Match

Both of these two go at it tooth and nail, a real back and forth affair with each man giving it their all. This is what you want for a main event world championship match. Eddie is full of emotion and throwing it all at Eric Young. Eric Young is hitting the champion with everything and he’s getting it right back. Eventually EY goes to use the IMPACT World Championship as a weapon but the ref takes it off if him and gets distracted throwing it out of the ring. Eric Young drills Edwards with the hockey mask and then the piledriver to put the champion down. Eric Young gets the pin and then the win. Wow. We have a new IMPACT World Champion.

Winner and NEW IMPACT World Champion – Eric Young

Post match EY assaults the former champion and does a number on his knee, it looks like he’s doing to Edwards exactly what he did to Rich Swann. Security rush the ring and Eric Young heads to the back, championship held high.

Backstage Moose finds EC3’s locker room. Inside there is a corkboard with pictures of Moose pinned to it. From the gym, the hotel lobby, backstage today, everywhere. There’s lines all drawn to a map in the centre. Moose says he knows where this is before tearing everything down. Behind the boards it says You Have Been Warned. It looks like Moose and EC3 are headed to Bound For Glory.

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