WWE Raw: 8/31 Live Coverage & Twitter Reaction

Greetings and Salutations WWE Universe! DNezz here set to bring you all of the action and drama from tonight’s episode of Raw! After last night’s Payback event, the Red Brand certainly looks to reshape itself ahead of September’s Clash of Champions show. Let’s hope for an early and action-packed start as we get strapped in Raw, tonight!

So we’ve just learned that there will be three matches tonight where the winners qualify for a triple threat match; that winner will face Drew McIntyre at Clash of Champions for the WWE title!

I’ve also just seen that Rey Mysterio cannot compete tonight and in his place will be none other than Dominik Mysterio! We will also see the debut of Raw Underground’s resident doorman!

And it looks like we’re kicking things off with a bang as we have match one of a three match set, where the victors will compete in a triple threat match later tonight where the ultimate winner receives a title opportunity at Clash of Champions against Drew McIntyre. Orton cut a seething promo before KO even hit the ring; stating that he is ready to go through the gauntlet and destroy and anyone in his path to the WWE Title. After some rather hilarious video production work, The Legend Killer is interrupted by none other than Keith Lee! As Lee reminds Orton of his loss last night at Payback, Lee also talks of punching his ticket to Clash of Champions and facing his friend for the WWE Title. Tensions rose until the opportunistic Dolph Ziggler jumped Lee from behind and we cut to commercial as Lee and Ziggler kick off the night!

Keith Lee v. Dolph Ziggler

We return from break and we are underway as one of the coveted spots in tonight’s main event is on the line. Ziggler starts off the match with his veteran savvy, using some schoolboy tricks to throw Lee of his game but Lee’s unbridled power puts a stop to that as Lee flung Ziggler into the turnbuckle. Ziggler somehow brought the big man to the mat and relied on his sleeper to get the job done but again, Lee finds the answer; standing to his feet, running the ropes, and sending Ziggler to the outside with a thunderous shoulder charge!

We return to tonight’s action as Ziggler finally seems to have things in hand as he plants a fame-asser on The Limitless One. With the big man grounded, Ziggler continues with headlocks to wear down the cardio of Lee. Ziggler throws every bit of offense he knows but once again, Lee’s power is unstoppable as he hits the Spirit Bomb for the pin, the victory and advancing into the Triple Threat Match, later tonight for the WWE Title opportunity at Clash of Champions.

We cut to backstage as the new Women’s Tag Champs have some conflicting thoughts as to who was the driving force behind their victory at Payback. It seemed as though tempers would flare but the sudden interruption of the Raw Women’s Champion refocused their attentions onto The Empress of Tomorrow and kept Baszler and Jax from each other for the moment.

We return from break and Asuka is in the ring awaiting her opponent for Clash of Champions. But things would quickly fall apart as a trio of women would flood the ring; all under the belief that they deserve the title opportunity.

And as we return to the action we have a handicap match as Mickie James looks to silence the newly formed duo of Nattie and Lana. It was short and sweet as Mickie planted Lana and scored the victory as Asuka exclaimed that she has no preference as to who she faces at Clash of Champions.

It looks as though we’ll hear from Aleister Black after his actions last week on the KO Show. Too bad he had a viper in his locker room…

Randy Orton v. Kevin Owens

It was over before it began as Orton’s plan came to fruition. Owens wouldn’t stand a chance as he was jumped by Aleister Black before the bell rang. Owens would eat a Black Mass before being put out by an RKO. Orton punches his ticket to the triple threat match later tonight!

We return from break and we are treated to the very first MVP Lounge in the WWE Thunderdome. MVP introduces the new United States Champion, The Almighty Bobby Lashley. Things would fall apart as Cedric Alexander would make his say to the ramp and MVP would meet him and continue to lobby for Alexander’s services.

The attack would spark a 6-man Tag match and despite the match falling apart fairly quickly, it would be Cedric Alexander pinning MVP, but the outcome didn’t exactly bring the proper expression to each man’s face.

Could MVP be playing long range mind games?

Iconics v. Living Riott: Losing Team Disbands

It’s an odd stipulation as these two teams risk being dissolved if they lose tonight. Living Riott did pick up the much-needed win last night at Payback and they look to continue more of the same tonight. Both teams would loom well-oiled and functional in the early going as the tension could be felt with the looming stipulation. Iconics would utilize their tandem offense and quick-tag strategy but it would ultimately be the scrappy underdogs who pull the upset.

Seth Rollins v. Dominik Mysterio

After discovering the Rey Mysterio has a torn tricep after last night’s tag battle, it will be the prodigal son, Dominik Mysterio taking up his Father’s mantle and filling in tonight, once again, against The Monday Night Messiah. Round two of Seth & Dominik happens tonight after Rollins is finished eviscerating his disciple. With Murphy banished to the back after his error at Payback, Dominik took it upon himself to ensure that tonight would be one-on-one.

We return from break and as through much of this feud, Rollins would have Dominik grounded and worn down. Dominik would rally back and wear down Rollins but in the end, The Monday Night Messiah was a step ahead and secured the victory; securing the final spot in triple threat match.

Meanwhile…In Raw Underground.

And when we return from break…

Street Profits v. Andrade & Garza: Tornado Tag Match

As the contestants were making their way to the ring, we were informed that R-Truth had bamboozled Akira Towzawa once again, as he became the 24/7 champion once again!

But once the bell rang, it was more chaos as both teams went head-on into battle, hoping to finally end this feud. It would appear that Andrade and Garza have things well in hand but a miscalculation by Garza would have the duo at odds. Ford and Dawkins would suddenly find themselves in the driver’s seat as Montez Ford went on a tare but as it has happened over the past few weeks, technical difficulties would spell the end of this match.

We return from break to see the Iconics joining the festivities at Raw Underground. After being invited to join the fun, Peyton Royce decided to send in her longtime bestie, Billie Kay, to be meat for the slaughter.

And when we return from commercial…

Apollo Crews v. Shelton Benjamin

In the final installment of tonight’s Raw Underground it would be Crews v. Benjamin settling some scores but this wouldn’t stay a contest for long as the Hurt Business would lay waste to Apollo, Ricochet and Cedric.

Randy Orton v. Keith Lee v. Seth Rollins: Triple Threat Match for WWE Title Opportunity

It’s Main Event time and they don’t come much bigger as The Legend Killer, The Monday Night Messiah and The Limitless One do battle in a triple threat match! The bell rings and and it appears that Orton and Rollins may form an alliance to bring down the big man, but Orton quickly rolls out of the ring and allows Rollins to get the ball rolling. Rollins, upset at Orton’s strategy, follows suit and confronts The Viper. Too bad no one warned him not to turn his back on The Limitless One.

We return from break and it appears that Rollins and Orton have finally met on the same page. Both men have disposed of Keith Lee and are now tandem lifting him back into the ring. Rollins and Orton make their way back into the ring as they drag Lee back in as well. The Viper showed his true colors, turning on Rollins and planting him with the draped DDT. Rollins and Orton would finally square off and prepare for battle until someone woke the sleeping giant.

Lee would finally have his way as he began rag dolling his opponents like a Kodiak Bear. Lee would finally put this match out of reach with Orton on the outside and Rollins, in his sights…

But the ever crafty Orton would quickly enter the ring and drop The Limitless One with an RKO. Lee would roll to the outside but the damage had been done and Rollins was left for the pinning. Your new Number 1 Contender at Clash of Champions… Randy Orton will get another shot at his 14th WWE Championship.

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