I Hate Roman Reigns…

I hate Roman Reigns. Last night at WWE Payback he allowed his two opponents in the triple threat main event for the Universal Championship to beat each other to the edge of defeat and collapse the ring before swooping in like a vulture and stealing the win.

It was low, it was dirty, it was downright despicable and personally? I don’t think it was fair. I mean last week on SmackDown wasn’t Adam Pearce told by Vince McMahon himself it was important that he got the contracts for the match signed that night? How is signing it on the ramp while the match is already in full swing at all what was asked of him? It’s not like the contract was a Money in the Bank briefcase that could be cashed in at any time. Come on now, the bell had already rung and Roman was not in the match. He had missed his shot. The triple threat was no more.

That’s typical Roman Reigns though right? The Big Dog is such a company man he can do whatever the heck he pleases and nobody bats an eyelid. On top of that he now has weasley advocate Paul Heyman on his side, yeesh, that’s just going to mean he can get away with even more bullcrap and instead of getting punished for it Heyman will just miraculously argue it away with the higher ups, his shenanigans will go on.

Remember when Brock Lesnar won the Money in the Bank briefcase when he wasn’t even announced for the match? Remember when he came into said match almost twenty minutes in and stole the win from Ali who was seconds away from claiming the briefcase? Yeah well prepare for more of that on its way but instead of The Beast Incarnate getting ahead through every underhanded means possible, replace him with The Big Dog.

Man, oh man. A section of the audience boo’ed Roman Reigns before and were keen to drop deuces on him from a great height simply for existing, can you imagine the heat he’s going to get now? It’s surely going to take a real well built up and rallied behind babyface to have a shot at taking down the WWE’s new top heel.

If Roman turns being the giant mastabatory game bird that the internet knows him as up to 11, the pop that babyface would get for eventually knocking him off of his perch would be astronomical. Still to get there you know we’re going to have to endure a lot more smirking, spearing, ass kicking, OOARRGGHHHing, match winning chicanery from Roman Reigns.

Roman is a Mastabatory Game Bird

In 2020 I hate Roman Reigns and do you know why? Because I’m supposed to and I love it.

I’ve been @ChatChatterson and as always God Bless.

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