Brock Lesnar and AEW ?

As various reports state, Brock Lesanr right now is a free agent and this has the world of pro-wrestling and MMA speculating what will be the next move from the former UFC & WWE champion.

One of the moves a lot of people is social media talk about is the possibility of Brock Lesnar taking his talents to All Elite Wrestling.

The Biggest Free Agent

The last time the world of pro-wrestling had a free agent that can be compare to Brock Lesnar dates back to 2019, with Kenny Omega leaving NJPW to join AEW as a wrestler and Executive Vice-president along side Cody and The Young Bucks.

AEW and NJPW are the only two pro-wrestling promotions outside of WWE that can make an offer to Brock Lesnar right now. Let’s not also forget UFC and their desire to have Lesnar for one more fight.

Lesnar signing with AEW in particular, would be similar in impact to that of Hulk Hogan signing with WCW back in 1994.

Is It The Right Move For Both?

Brock Lesnar is 43 years old and he is not getting any younger. In WWE he had a limited schedule and in AEW he would look to an even more limited schedule. AEW and The Khan family could easily make an interesting offer to Lesnar, but considering the current economic state of the AEW and the world, this offer might not be as big as it could’ve been in normal circumstances.

For AEW, this would be the chance of a lifetime. Brock Lesnar is a guaranteed ratings and PPV draw. Lesnar could help AEW get the mainstream attention they need to advance to the next level. With Brock Lesnar as part of their roster, AEW could gain even more credit in the world of pro-wrestling and in the mainstream.

In short, it would be the best move for AEW if they are able to take advantage of the aura and mainstream attention has. For Lesnar, it would mean making good money on a limited schedule.

Will It Happen?

Although Brock Lesnar joining AEW sounds like an interesting idea and in some ways would level the plane field between AEW and WWE, it’s very unlikely it will happen. WWE are in the better position financially to offer Brock Lesnar a better contract.

At the end of the day, its’s a nice “What If” scenario wrestling want to think about but it will never happen. Dream matches like Lesnar vs. Omega; Orange Cassidy; Luchasaurs; Cage and many more of the AEW roster will remain just that, dream matches. But in the world of pro-wrestling you never know.