WWE Payback: Live Coverage and Twitter Reaction

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! We’re a bit late to the show but Bodyslam.net is here to bring you all of the live action and drama that will be WWE’s Payback Event!

The kickoff show brought its own payback as the Iconics looked for business as usual as they squared off against Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan. It appeared that The Iconics would walk away victorious, yet again but Morgan and Riott found their chemistry and finally secured that much needed win over the duo who has made their lives hell the past few weeks. Chalk one up for the good guys as Morgan and Riott stand tall as the newly identified, Living Riott.

Bobby Lashley v. Apollo Crews: United States Title Match

If at first, you don’t succeed, utilize another stable-mate, or something to that effect. We’re kicking off tonight’s event with The United States Championship as Apollo Crews now must defend against Hurt Business CEO, The Almighty Bobby Lashley. The match opens and both men look to display their power as they lock horns. Lashley appeared to have a slight edge over the champion but Crews would simply switch gears and display some of his impressive agility to keep his opponent off keel.

The match would briefly move to outside as Crews sent Lashley spilling to the floor but it wouldn’t be long before fellow Hurt Business member, MVP, and Shelton Benjamin would make their presence known to Crews; allowing Lashley some much needed time to regain his composure. Lashley would capitalize on the breather and begin to impose his will on the US Champion; driving his skull into the turnbuckle, hitting a Dominator with ease, and generally taking Crews “Pillar to Post”. Crews would rally and chip away at The Almighty but it would all be for nigh as Lashley would lock in his devastating Full Nelson, lock in the boots and it was all but academic. Bobby Lashley has brought singles gold back to the Hurt Business.

Sheamus v. Big E

It’s a battle of the beefy boys as two of Smackdown’s hard-hitting stars jockey for position among the rest of the Blue Brand Roster. Both men attempt to dominate the other but it was Sheamus in the early going, targeting the left leg of Big E. The Celtic Warrior would smell blood in the water as he slowed the match down to a crawl in order to inflict maximum damage on his opponent.

And as Big E was feeling his vibe, he would cap off tonight’s Cinderella Story with A Big Ending and a pinfall victory as Big E left another in the dust in the early stages of what appears to be a very successful singles run.

King Corbin v. Matt Riddle

After being taken back during a pre-match interview and shaken up after being jumped by Corbin, the King of Bros would finally settle into tonight’s contest as he finally gets his opportunity to silence the Royal Pain in the ass, Corbin.

Riddle’s offense would sputter as Corbin would keep himself in the match but Riddle would finally get rolling after countering one of Corbin’s signature Ring-Around-The-Clothesline’s.

Riddle would continue to break down Corbin, ensuring that he would put an end to this ridiculous feud. And it would be so after Riddle planted Corbin with this beautiful top rope maneuver.

But the victory would be short lived as the King of Smackdown would voice his displeasure over the King of Bro’s victory.

Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax v. The Golden Role Models: Women’s Tag Title Match

Friends meet foes in this women’s tag title match, though I’m not quite sure which is which? All four women have conflicting emotions about their partners but they will need to shift their attention to the matter at hand. The Golden Role Model’s need a victory tonight to keep their friendship stable but they will have to endure the raw power and tenacity of two of the most dominant women on the main roster. The match seemed to go according to plan, but then again, it was only maybe thirty seconds in…

Both teams would continue to battle and Sasha & Bayley attempted everything they could to keep Jax down, but in the end, The Queen of Spades was the real danger to the reign of WWE’s resident Karen duo.

Keith Lee v. Randy Orton

There are very few talent’s who have the abilities that Keith Lee possesses. Size, strength, agility, power, and it is all on display as he debuts on PPV against The Legend Killer, Randy Orton. Despite brief glimpses of Orton’s offensive prowess, it would be The Limitless One’s show tonight as Lee put on a display, cementing his arrival on the Red Brand.

And after a spirit bomb that would make Akira Toriyama proud, it was Lee standing victorious and Orton left scratching his head.

The Mysterio Family v. Seth Rollins & Murphy

Despite a fast start to the fireworks by the Mysterio Men, it would only be a matter of time before Rollins & Murphy would continue their dominance and showboating at the expense of their opponents.

The match would quickly break down as the bodies would be laid out throughout the arena, as we are left with none other than Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio in the ring. Rollins would throw everything at Rey and Rey would return the volley.

All four men would battle until the bitter end but a major miscalculation by The Monday Night Messiah and Disciple would give the opening needed for The Mysterio’s to pick up the victory.

Braun Strowman v. Roman Reigns v. The Fiend: Universal Title Match

The match would explode at the opening as The Fiend makes his entrance into the waiting arms of The Monster Among Men, waiting in the wings. Strowman would blindside the champion as the match gets underway but the pressing question is, where is Roman Reigns? Both men continue to their assault on each other; stairs, tables, and cartoon hammers in hand.

The mutual massacre sprawled across the arena as Wyatt and
Strowman battled back toward the ring. Strowman, desperate for a victory went to No Monster’s Land as he scaled to the top rope; looking for a desperation maneuver to put away The Fiend. With Reigns nowhere in sight, The Fiend would take this opportunity to counter Strowman with an enormous superplex that sent the ring crashing to the floor under the force of the two behemoths.

It was only after all of this that The Big Dog would finally make his way to the ring, sign the contract and reclaim the Universal Title that he never lost.