Last Minute Wrestling Podcast – Rob Van Dam Interview

The guest of episode n° 30 of the Last Minute Wrestling Podcast is none other than wrestling legend Rob Van Dam.

In this interview Frank Mandolini and Rob Van Dam are discussing their first online interaction, RVD’s documentary on concussions Headstrong, how he used to work while injured and suffered over 100 concussions, taking care of his body and the creation of RVDCBD, having an hands on approach on the development of the product, the speaking out movement, how wrestling used to be a closed doors society, how he never fit into the boys mentality, wrestling was never meant to be about equity but now it’s changing for the better, his influence on today’s athletic style, JBL’s wrestlers’ court story and how he hated it, CM Punk as a self appointed locker room leader, Impact wrestling being good with European wrestlers and a good place to work, other ventures outside of wrestling, the only time in nearly 30 years he had to make a phone call for a job, Shane O’Mac advice & more.

You can listen to the entire episode of the Last Minute Wrestling Podcast featuring Rob Van Dam below.

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