IMPACT Emergence Night 2 Live Coverage

Welcome everybody to my live coverage of tonight’s IMPACT Emergence special, Night 2! Follow along here as I keep you up to date with all the goings on during this historic night featuring the first ever Knockouts Ironman Match. Join me on Twitter @ChatChatterson to interact as it all goes down. We’ve got a heck of a show ahead of us so let’s get to it!

IMPACT Emergence Night 2 kicks off with another cool video package recap of what went down last week and some extra hype of tonight’s card featuring the first ever Knockouts 30 Minute Ironman Match and Eddie Edwards defending his IMPACT World Championship in another Open Challenge.


Wow it looks like we’re kicking things off with the world championship match. Dang, IMPACT sure knows how to kick their shows off with a bang.




Well it looks as if RVD is the one stepping up to the plate to take on Eddie Edwards for the championship tonight, here he comes with the Queen of Twerk herself, Katie Forbes to answer the challenge. His new theme is worlds better than that trash he had before.

Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Rob Van Dam – IMPACT World Championship

Eddie Edwards kicks this one off with a lot of fire but as soon as it spills to the outside RVD takes control and utilizes the guard rail to cause some damage to Edwards. RVD tosses Eddie back in the ring but it doesn’t last long as he comes flying to the outside with a huge suicide dive onto RVD on the outside. Oh here we go, Forbes distracts Edwards as he and RVD are brawling on the outside allowing Van Dam to take control. HUGE Spinning Kick from the apron to Eddie Edwards as he’s hanging over the guard rail. VINTAGE RVD. Back inside the ring RVD tries for the cover but Edwards kicks out at 2. Eddie tries to mount another comeback but it’s cut off quickly and Forbes once again gets herself involved. Split Legged Moonsault by RVD for another 2 count. RVD still in control and WOW BLUE THUNDER BOMB from Eddie Edwards but he’s not got enough in him to go for the pin. This has been really good so far, RVD tries to go for the pin with the body scissors but it’s not enough and boom Tiger Driver from Eddie Edwards. Cover but Edwards only gets a two! The two men try to go high risk but Edwards ends up crotched. Rolling Thunder from RVD and an attempt at a Five Star Frogsplash from Van Dam but Edwards gets out of the way and BOSTON KNEE PARTY! That’s it…1…2…3! Eddie Edwards puts away RVD!

Winner and STILL IMPACT World Champion – Eddie Edwards

Post match Eric Young jumps Eddie Edwards and beats him town. Young tells us next week it’s Eric Young vs. Eddie Edwards for the IMPACT World Championship. On his time, by design. The fate of the IMPACT World Championship goes through him.

Josh and Madison run down the rest of the card for tonight and put over Mack vs. Myers and Grace vs. Purrazzo in the first ever Knockouts Championship Ironman Match. They then throw it over to our favourite weekly segment…WrestleHouse!

This week Taya has organized a Toga Party and in the Stooge Room The Deaners are buzzed about it. Cousin Jake then throws powder in Cody’s eye and tells him it’s a game Johnny Swinger taught him, you yell powder in someones eyes and yell Fuji. Cody tells Jake that he could blind someone and to remember what he taught him about WrestleHouse, never listen to Swinger. We then cut to Swinger who tries to convince Crazzy Steve to help him Fuji every guy in the place to get all the girls.

Everyone is drunk and partying, Alicia Edwards is talking to Dreamer about Chatatoga or something, he has about as much clue as I do. Then the Deaners talk to Acey about stealing their beer again but manage to work out a truce as he continues to deny it.

We go back to Swinger and Crazzy Steve as they attempt their first Fuji on Lawrence D who enters the room but Steve drops his monkey and Swinger accidentally Fuji’s Crazzy Steve. Steve sells it like he’s just been blinded but c’mon now, we all know Crazzy Steve is already blind! We see him in the Stooge Room and it sounds like he planned this all along. Tommy Dreamer shows up and tries to call match time but Steve says if he’s been blinded then so should Swinger, it should be a blindfold match. Yes…we all know how good those are…anyway, Dreamer agrees and says the loser must dress like the winner next week. 


Crazzy Steve vs. Johnny Swinger – Blindfold Match

Steve taunts Swinger with a squeezy horn that Ref Cousin Jake tries to take from him. Steve runs away but finally Jake catches up with him and takes it. Cousin Jake squeezes it and Swinger tries to kick him thinking it was Steve. Jake throws him off and Steve takes advantage. Man this is so daft. Swinger is looking for Steve and everyone around ringside tells him he’s somewhere that he’s not causing Swinger to run head first into the turnbuckle. Crazzy Steve rolls him up for the pin and the win.

Winner – Crazzy Steve

Well. That was eventful. I look forward to seeing Crazzy Swinger next week.

Back in the IMPACT Zone Eddie Edwards is looking around backstage for Eric Young. He’s pissed and clearly wants revenge but everyone he runs into has no idea where Young is. Dang, I was hoping we’d get another brawl. Still, this was hype. EEEERRIIICCCCC!! EEERRRIIICCC YOOOOUNG!! WHERE IS HE?!

IMPACT air the Eric Young Bound For Glory commercial. What a freaking video package, I love it. Can’t wait for BFG. Let there be fans, please let there be fans.

Rhino challenges Reno Scum to a tag match next week and he wants Heath by his side. He encourages us all to tweet #Heath4IMPACT and let management know that you want to make it happen. Though either way, if Heath is there or not, he’ll rip Reno Scum in half with a GOOORREEE, GOOOORREE, GOOOOORRREEEEEE!!

Wow here comes Eddie Edwards to the ring and he takes the mic. He says Eric Young has his attention and that if he wants to do this they can do this right now, let’s get NUTS. Eric Young comes out and mocks Eddie Edwards for trying to be a hero, he says that he’s five steps ahead of Edwards. It’s all by Eric Young’s design. Eric Young says that everything that happened to Rich Swann was planned. Eric Young says Eddie Edwards isn’t interrupting his plan, that the world title match will happen next week just like he says. Edwards says okay, he can have it his ways, the world championship match will happen next week but Young’s ass whooping is starting tonight.

Edwards jumps out of the ring and heads straight for Young, both men unload with punches and this whole thing breaks down. EY takes Edwards to the floor as both men keep on throwing fists. Referees and Security come and try and break things up but it’s not enough, Scott D’Amour makes his way down but Eddie Edwards puts him on his ass. Security get their hands on Edwards and Young uses it to his advantage taking some final clubbing blows at Eddie. Finally the two are separated and Young heads to the back proud of what he made Edwards resort to. Young was amazing here, I really want to see him pick that title up. If not next week, sometime soon.

New X Division Champion Rohit Raju talks about how he was scheming all along and now he’s made it to the top he’s going to give everyone what he never got, opportunity. He says Chris Bey is no longer on the Desi Hitman’s Hitlist and the question in everyone’s lips should be “Who can defeat Rohit!” Dang, I actually really liked this promo and that catchphrase? Too sweet, Rohit!

It’s time for Locker Room Talk and this week’s co-hosts are the Rascalz. They say they like it here because it reminds them of the Treehouse, lots of green. They assume Madison knows what’s up and try to…blaze some trees…but Madison shuts it down. They call her a Karen before she moves on and introduces the guests for this week, Madman Fulton and Ace Ausin. Ace wore his dangly earring for the special occasion and Fulton forces himself onto the couch between the Rascalz who are not pleased at being squished. Ace Ausin admits that last week the Good Brothers might have gotten the best of them but the Rascalz poke fun at their loss and Fulton is not happy. Fulton goes to kick the Rascalz’ asses but Austin says they’ll respect Madison’s space and he and the big man leave. Dez says Austin is a terrible magician because he didn’t disappear. Madison asks if the Treehouse really does have lots of plants and greenery and they tell her of course, infact because she invited them onto Locker Room Talk they’d like to invite her to the Treehouse. Her response? Absolutely not.  Really fun segment.

Amazing Sami Callihan promo with lots of effects. He says he’s in RVD and Katie Forbes’ heads and they are wondering when he’s coming for them. He says they won’t need to wonder anymore as next week he’s coming to the ring and Forbes and Van Dam can meet him there and he’s kicking RVD’s ass.

Emotional EC3 promo where he talks about defeating Kurt Angle for the TNA World Championship. He says he can’t let go of the moment, the last one where he was happy. He gave everything and all he wanted in return was respect and pride. Instead he got pain, regret and hate. He says as long as the physical representation of the TNA World Championship exists he won’t be free. As long as it exists it will control. He says that Moose is a hidden weapon behind titles like Mr. IMPACT Wrestling and Wrestling God. The TNA Championship is a weight around his legs and he is at the deepest part of the ocean. The TNA World Championship must be destroyed.

Brian Myers vs. Willie Mack

Willie Mack coming out heavy ticked off into this one. The two start things off feeling each other out and exchanging holds. Eventually Mack pops off and takes Myers down with a huge shoulder tackle. Myers is sick of wrestling and starts pulling out the strikes before choking Mack on the second rope. Snapmare and a kick to the spine by Myers before a quick cover getting a 1 for Brian Myers. Whip off the ropes but that allows Mack to make a comeback with a huge Hurricanrana followed by a Dropkick by Willie Mack. Mack lets Myers back to his feet and Myers wants to know if Mack knows who he is or where he’s been. Myers with a huge takedown and a just brutal assault of punches and kicks on Mack. Myers goes for the cover but only a 2 this time for Brian Myers. Myers drops the knee and grounds Mack with a headlock. Mack works himself back up to his feet but Myers picks the ankle and Mack is back down. Huge shoulder to the chest of Mack and Myers attempts another cover but again it’s not enough. Myers with a crossface on Mack, driving the knee into his back again but Mack comes back and hits a perfect sunset flip but can’t follow through with the three count. Big back elbow from Myers to Mack and another pin attempt but a quick kickout for Mack. Myers back with the crossface on Mack but Mack fights back, Myers off the ropes and Mack catches him with a Sky High powerbomb. Dang that was brutal. Both men fighting up to their feet, clothesline and spinning back elbow from Mack to Myers followed up by a big swinging Bodyslam and leg drop, Mack is on fire! Cover by Mack but Myers isn’t done yet, just a two count on this one. Mack drops Myers with a Samoan Drop and follows it up with a Standing Moonsault for another pin but Myers once again kicks out at two. Man, how? I don’t get it. Myers tries to go high risk but Mack headbuts him on the top, Mack tries to go up too but Myers pushes him off and drops a picture perfect elbow on Mack. Myers covers, this could be it, 1…2..and another kickout by Mack. Man these two are really putting their all into this match. Myers looks to finish this one for good. DDT attempt but Mack counters, Myers follows up with a step up kick and tries for the pin again but NO! Mack cannot be defeated it seems, this man is not staying down. Myers is pissed, he’s pushing Mack around but Mack slaps the taste out of his mouth. Mack attempts a Urange Slam onto Myers but Myers sends Mack into the ropes, waistlock into a rollup and Myers takes a handful of the tights. 1…2…3 Brian Myers has stolen his first victory in IMPACT Wrestling!

Winner – Brian Myers

We get another Heath Slater vignette where he asks us if we really want to see Rhino go it alone next week against Reno Scum? Because if not then it’s time to get #Heath4IMPACT trending worldwide so he can be there for his friend. COME ON, LET’S DO THIS, YOU HEAR HIM? He’s ready for this! #Heath4IMPACT ya’ll, he’s ready for a fight right now!

Back in WrestleHouse Cousin Jake has apparently figured out who took their beer, no wait, he figured out who Lawrence D is. Cody says yeah, it’s Larry D in a sports coat. Uh uh! Cousin Jake explains that Lawrence D is Steve Urkel’s cool alter ego Stefan from Family Matters. Rosemary then appears next to Lawrence D and John E Bravo looks on forlorn. Alisha Edwards says someone has to do something about this and tries to stop Rosemary. She pulls Rosemary to the side and tells her that she’s breaking Bravo’s heart. Dreamer asks Bravo if he’s just going to let Rosemary go on a date with Lawrence and to man up. Rosemary is repulsed by Lawrence’s odour and tries to let him down gently by explaining herself but Bravo storms in and slaps him across the face. Rosemary tries to smooth things over by pleading with Lawrence but he says he’s not Lawrence anymore. Dreamer appears from nowhere and says if this is going to happen, it’s going to happen properly. MAAAAATTCCCHHH TIIIMMEEEEE!!

Larry D vs. John E Bravo

Bravo starts off strong with a forearm but it doesn’t last as Larry lays him out with a huge shoulder. Bravo looks over to Rosemary for inspiration and pulls himself back up to his feet but Larry D nails him with a huge knockout punch. Larry D covers and 1…2…3!

Winner – Larry D

Post match Rosemary says this might have been her fault but Bravo mans up and says that it’s his responsibility for not being a man and telling Taya that he has feelings for Rosemary. Rosemary is shocked as this is the first time he’s publicly admitted it. He then tells Taya how he feels and says he thinks Rosemary feels the same way. Taya is not happy; she says this is all Rosemary’s fault, that WrestleHouse is her fault and that Rosemary is jealous of her. Next week Taya says it’s winner takes all, everything, including John E Bravo. I am not sure what that even means, everything as in Taya could take control of WrestleHouse? Fuuuuuu-

Back to reality and Madison and Josh run down the card for next weeks episode of IMPACT. Crazily it’s so good it could be Emergence Night 3 as Ace Austin and Madman Fulton take on The Rascalz, Sami Callihan goes one on one with RVD and Eddie Edwards defends his IMPACT World Championship against the biggest thorn in his side to date, Eric Young. They then introduce the main event for tonight, it’s the first ever Knockouts Championship Ironman Match as Jordynne Grace gets her rematch for Deonna Purrazzo’s Knockouts Championship.

Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Jordynne Grace – 30 Minute Ironman Match for the Knockouts Championship

Both women wrestle around and try to gain control to start this one off. Jordynne seems to use her power to take advantage but only slightly as she continues to wrestle Purrazzo and locks in a wrist lock and uses it to control the champion. Grace seems to have Purrazzo bothered and looks to prove that she really isn’t just a brute. Purrazzo locks in a side headlock and uses it to take Grace to the mat, Grace counters and locks her legs around Purrazzo’s neck. Grace seems to have a purpose in proving she’s the better wrestler here tonight. Purrazzo works her way out of it and shows off but Grace takes advantage with a rollup. Not enough. Grace picks up the speed, shoulder tackle. Purrazzo tries to match it but she just can’t, Grace takes Purrazzo down and locks in a deep single leg crab. Purrazzo makes it to the ropes.

We come back from break and Grace has Purrazzo in the corner, driving in her shoulder to Purrazzo’s midsection. Huge whip into the corner by Grace to Purrazzo. Purrazzo to the outside and plays some mind games with Grace allowing her to hit a huge kick taking Grace down. Purrazzo drives Grace’s head into the apron repeatedly on the outside before taking her back into the ring. Kicks from Purrazzo to Grace before sending one right into Grace’s arm. Purrazzo continues to work the left arm and shoulder of Grace, we all know why that is. Purrazzo plants Grace’s hand upside down on the canvas so her arm is bent back before stamping on the arm of Grace. Nasty. Grace tries to make a comeback but she’s caught by Purrazzo again who hangs her arm up over the top rope. I think an injury may be developing here. Armwringer takedown from Purrazzo to Grace and Purrazzo goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Purrazzo straight back to working that arm of Grace, Grace tries a comeback but Purrazzo corkscrews the arm and keeps Jordynne Grace down. Grace makes the bottom rope and breaks the hold but Purrazzo takes full advantage of the five count. We’re fifteen minutes through this 30 minute Ironman match and Deonna Purrazzo has full control now. Short arm clothesline by Purrazzo whipping that arm before Purrazzo makes the cover…1…2…kickout, another cover…and another kick out by Jordynne Grace. Purrazzo is not happy, she sends Grace to the outside as we go to commercial.

Back from break Purrazzo is still working over Grace’s arm and hand. During the break Purrazzo had stomped Grace’s hand on the steel steps and Deonna Purrazzo wants to take advantage of that. Purrazzo just isn’t letting go of that arm. She powers Grace down for a cover but Grace will not stay down. Purrazzo straight back to the arm. The psychology and storytelling in this one has been exemplary. Grace manages to mount a comeback as she drives Purrazzo into the corner and comes at her with shoulders and a big clothesline. Grace takes Deonna to the top rope and attempts a big suplex but Purrazzo fights her off. Huge palm strike from Grace and there we go, big time second rope suplex from Jordynne Grace to Deonna Purrazzo. Both women are down. Grace and Purrazzo crawl over to each other and go head to head as they get to their feet, back and forth strikes from Champion and Challenger here as Grace begins to unload and take advantage with some viscous clotheslines and takedowns. Grace is on fire. Senton to the back and then another to the front, a cover from Grace but it’s only a two count. This is getting out of control. Rear naked choke from Grace to Purrazzo and it looks like Purrazzo is fading…arm up…and down…Purrazzo is out and Grace has won the first fall in this Knockouts Ironman Match.

Winner of the First Fall – Jordynne Grace

Purrazzo – 0 Grace – 1

As soon as Purrazzo is back to her feet Grace is back on top of her. Purrazzo off the ropes with a running knee before planting Grace with a flatliner into a vicious submission hold. Grace gets to the ropes and it’s broken. Purrazzo straight back to her feet and she’s putting the boots to Grace. Grace on her feet but Purrazzo is laying in the chops. Grace makes a comeback with a flurry of forearms. Grace Driver attempts but Purrazzo fights out of it. Grace charges at Deonna in the corner but Purrazzo pulls the ref in front of her and he’s taken out. Grace Driver from Jordynne Grace but there’s no ref to count the fall. One minute 45 on the clock and Purrazzo comes with the Knockouts title and drills Grace with it. Purrazzo covers Grace as the ref comes around…1…2…3.

Winner of the Second Fall – Deonna Purrazzo

Purrazzo – 1 Grace – 1

Purrazzo tries for another cover but Grace kicks out. There’s only one minute left on the clock and Grace is down. Purrazzo locks in the Fujuwara Armbar on Grace but Grace rolls through into a cover. Kick Out by Deonna. Grace makes a comeback but Purrazzo cuts her off with a pump kick. Massive German Suplex by Purrazzo and a cover for a 2 count but Purrazzo floats over and locks in the Fujiwara again. Grace struggles as Purrazzo tries to lock in the Venus de Milo, she doesn’t manage it but the Fujiwara is still in tight and Grace taps out.

Winner of the Third and Final Fall – Deonna Purrazzo

Purrazzo – 2 Grace – 1

Deonna Purrazzo keeps on the hold as the final seconds tick away.

Winner and STILL Knockouts Champion – Deonna Purrazzo

Flipping heck, what a performance from both women, what a main event! IMPACT comes to a close with Deonna Purrazzo standing tall with her Knockouts Championship. I am lost for words, wow. 

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