WWE Summerslam: Live Coverage & Twitter Reaction

Laides and Gentlemen, welcome to The Summer’s Hottest Event… Bodyslam.net & The DNezz Den present our live coverage of tonight’s Summerslam Event, both on PPV and the WWE Network! We have you covered here and on Twitter… find @ItzMeItzMeItDBD on Twitter for all the reactions to tonight’s action!

To start things off, we have The United States Title on the line in the Kickoff Show as MVP must go it alone against Apollo Crews. No Lashley, no Benjamin, no one to blame but MVP if he can’t walk away tonight with The United States Title.

Don’t touch that browser tab folks, we’ll be back when the action begins!

MVP v. Apollo Crews: United States Title Match

It was a slow start by MVP as he attempted to ground the US Champion early, but the agility and athletic ability of Crews proved to be too much as Crews began to impose his will on the aged MVP. But a moment of veteran know-how gave MVP his glimmer of hope as he sent Crews over the top, crashing down onto the ringside area and catching the apron on his way down. But even accidental opportunity would prove fool-hearted as Apollo would rise above and send MVP crashing back down to reality…

And after hitting a Toss Powerbomb shortly after, it was pinfall victory as the Crews successfully defended his United States Title, and rid himself of the Hurt Business…for now.

Asuka v. Bayley: Smackdown Women’s Title Match

The first of two matches set for The Empress of Tomorrow. It was through a bit of bad luck that Bayley lost a Beat the Clock Challenge and was penciled in as the first opponent in Asuka’s dual performance tonight on Summerslam. It was all Asuka in the early going as she targeted the shoulder of Bayley.

A brief hangup on the ropes would turn the tides though and Bayley would begin her business as usual in the ring. Bayley would soon hit her Bayley2Belly Suplex for the pinfall but Asuka would kick out at two and re-establish herself back into the driver’s seat.

The back and forth would continue as both women refused to quit. It would only be after multiple interference attempts by Sasha Banks that Asuka would finally be overwhelmed and fall victim to the devastating sneaky roll up.

Andrade & Garza v. Street Profits: Raw Tag Team Title Match

Hold up those cups and bring that smoke because it’s Raw Tag Title action coming at you as The Street Profits take on Andrade & Garza in what has developed into quite the feud for the red brand. In drama, ripped from Daytime TV, we start with some good stiff shots as Montez Ford gets the nod against Andrade. Ford would light up the night as he sent Andrade over the top and onto the floor; followed by Garza being ejected as well. It was all Profits in the early going!

After some tremendous dual offense by Garza and Andrade, it appeared that the Profits may be in trouble but as they tend to do, they crawled right back into the fight and as the pace quickened, the writing appeared to be on the wall for the challengers. As Ford climbed to the top, it was yet another height record broken as he soared high above his opponent, rotated mid-air and slammed down with a frog splash for the 1, 2, 3.

Mandy Rose v. Sonya Deville: Loder Leaves Town Match

In a match that had many wondering why Mandy was leaving WWE; we opened the bout with an impressive showing by Rose as she took the fight to her former best friend and didn’t stop. This was an absolute dismantling of Deville by Rose and despite a few glimpses of offensive prowess, Deville couldn’t muster anything to put down Mandy Rose.

And in the end, it would be The Golden Goddess shining bright and sending Deville home, for good.

Seth Rollins v. Dominik Mysterio

In an absolute David vs. Goliath matchup, it’s one of the best in The Monday Night Messiah, squaring off against the young upstart, Dominik Mysterio, in his debut match! Things start off with Rollins simply testing Dominik with some simple schoolboy tricks and tactics and needless to say, the multi-time world champion schooled the rookie. Until it was time for Lucha Libre class

But it would be a slight glimmer of hope as Rollins would quickly continue to dominate; Dominik’s Father, a ball of emotions on the outside. A chair would soon be introduced into the ring and despite his greatest pleas, Dominik would beg his Father off time and time again. Until he found yet another glimmer of hope against The Messiah.

But again only a glimmer as Rollins once again took charge of the match. Desperation set in for Dominik and his Father but yet again, another moment of hope for the kid.

Finally softening up Rollins a bit, Dominik would throw everything but the kitchen sink at Rollins but would sadly fall short even after paying homage to his Uncle Eddie with a impressive frog splash. Rollins would continue his dominance over his inferior opponent but his continual baiting of Rey Mysterio would lead to some hiccups along the way.

But in the end, it would be the Monday Night Messiah putting Dominik away with The Stomp, just out of the reach of Rey.

Asuka v. Sasha Banks: Raw Women’s Title Match

It’s round two for The Empress of Tomorrow as she’s set to square off against Sasha Banks for Raw Women’s Title. Asuka put on her best game face but it took little time for Banks to focus on the already battered knee of Asuka from earlier tonight. Asuka would momentarily turn the tides but Banks would have no part of it as she attempted to exit the area and invoke her “Champion’s Advantage”. The women would return to the ring and keep things grounded as both women attempted to weaken each other with submissions aplenty, but it would be 2BeltzBanks who would finally settle things down.

Asuka would once again battle her way back as both women would refuse to quit. The two would leave it all in the ring but a miscommunication by The Golden Role Model’s left Sasha Exposed as she attempted one final Banks Statement before being countered into an Asuka Lock for the submission victory… And New…

Randy Orton v. Drew McIntyre: WWE Championship Match

It is time for my match of the night as we get The Legend Killer taking on The King of Claymore Country. Both men with a ton of momentum as they head into this match, there is an odd feeling in the air as it is truly unknown who will walk away from this contest the victor. The bell rings and Orton immediately rolls out of the ring, undoubtedly attempting to harass the mind of the champion. Drew once again builds some offense before Orton rolls out once again and now the frustration begins to build on the face of Drew McIntyre. Orton and McIntyre lock horns once again and now Orton is ready to dance as he hits a cheap shot on the champ before attempting the RKO, which caused McIntyre to roll out of the ring himself and regroup; knowing that he was that close to lights out. Orton would slowly establish dominance as he spills McIntyre out of the ring, leading up to a familiar moment in so many Orton matches.

A suplex off of the announce table for good measure and it is Randy Orton firmly in driver’s seat of this match.

But after getting himself back into the match, The Scottish Psychopath would pay tribute to one of Orton’s fallen.

But some less than legal play would allow Orton to thumb the eye of the Champion and break the figure four. The onslaught from both men would continue as neither would give an inch. McIntyre would gain some steam and eventually ground his opponent with with a diving lariat that would make William Wallace proud!

The two men would find themselves volleying back and forth, attempting to put each other away and secure the WWE Title. McIntyre would hit a Glasgow Kiss and find himself in position for a Claymore Kick finish but Orton would duck the strike, attempt another RKO but get caught in a a backslide for the sudden 1, 2, 3.

The Fiend v. Braun Strowman: WWE Universal Championship Match

And the stage is set for our main event of the evening. It’s two monsters of the squared circle as The Fiend hopes to silence the newfound monster within the Universal Champion, Braun Strowman. In this final, rubber match between the two, it is Strowman on a path of destruction as he looks to decimate and silence his once mentor, but The Fiend has been untouchable in his maiden year and has his demonic sights set on Strowman’s Universal Title. The WWE Thunderdome darkens as one of its most sinister makes his way to the ring; it’s almost as if the Dome was created for The Fiend. He lays down the illuminated head of his once vessel and prepares for the battle of his life as he must now face the most imposing being of his career. Strowman enters the arena and makes his way to the ring, ready to complete his mission and before the official introductions could begin, we are underway! As both men hurled their bodies at one and another, it didn’t take long for this match to get grimy.

But a chokeslam on the announce table and a running powerslam still wasn’t enough, as Strowman looked out to the heavens asking, “What do I have to do?”

Both men would spill out of the ring once more and up the aisle toward the entrance stage; each man taking their opportunity to soften the other. They would fight into the Gorilla Position and back out into the arena where The Fiend would slither his way into possibly wining The Universal Championship again.

Braun would hit another Running Powerslam but again, only yielding a near fall. Strowman finally went for a desperation hail mary, as he found a box cutter and began cutting away the padding of the ring. But allowing The Fiend to breathe is grave mistake number one as Strowman turned to stare fear in the face as his own hail mary was turned against him. Two Sister Abigail’s later and we have a new Universal Champion, but the celebration wouldn’t last long.

Roman Reigns would make his return and immediately insert himself into the title picture as The Big Dog came back a bit more sweaty than usual.

And after laying waste to everything standing, this is how Summerslam would end as we wait for answers from all parties involved.

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