IMPACT Emergence Night 1 Live Coverage

Welcome everybody to my live coverage of tonight’s IMPACT Emergence special, night 1! Follow along here as I keep you up to date with all the goings on and join me on Twitter @ChatChatterson to interact. Let’s not beat around the bush, we’ve got a jam packed show of world class wrestling ahead of us. Let’s get ready to go.

IMPACT back at it once again to kick off night 1 of Emergence with another really cool opening video package. Emergence…a night with awesome wrestling…Highlights abound and they’re all really good, man IMPACT is FIRE. Welcome to Emergence.

Dang we’re kicking things off with the X Division Championship three way match. This is how you do it, excitement from the get go.

Chris Bey (c) vs. Rohit Raju vs. TJP w/ Fallah Bahh – X Division Championship

TJP really making his mark in the beginning of this one. A real showcase of his skills for a good portion of the open. Eventually Rohit and Bey start working together as we all knew they would. TJP is still running rings around them though the numbers game does start taking its toll on him. Man TJP is wild, he does so much stuff that I’ve never seen before. The double teams between Raju and Bey always seem to get foiled by TJP. Bey accidentally roundhouse kicks his friend Rohit in the head. Dang. TJP and Bey go at it one on one for a while and TJP hits a sweet Tombstone before attempting to go high risk but Raju is back to ruin it. Is this match just here to put TJP over? He effortlessly overcomes the numbers game again and once more excerpts his submission prowess over the two men. Rohit finally showing what he’s all about with some fire strikes. Rohit back to the outside and Bey is now back in control. Gutwrench into a DDT from Bey and a cover on TJP…but only a two count. TJP has too much life in him yet. This has been a superbly worked match so far. So fun. TJP stretches Bey and almost has him tapping but Rohit stops the X Division champion from tapping out. The numbers game is finally getting to TJP. TJP and Bey go up top and struggle back and forth, it looks like TJP is going to take Bey down with a huge suplex but Raju is back. He pushes TJP off the top and delivers a huge double footstomp to Bey! WHAT?! They were supposed to be friends! Raju covers Bey…1…2…3…NO WAY! Rohit Raju is your new X-Division Champion!

Winner and NEW X Division Champion – Rohit Raju

WrestleHouse is up next and Johnny Bravo’s Dog and Crazzy Steve’s Monkey talk about the upcoming Kylie Rae and Taya Valkyrie match. Obviously Bravo is rooting for Taya whereas Steve has Kylie’s back. This makes Bravo mad and the playdate is over. Crazzy Steve talks about how everyone in the house is going crazy. Acey confronts Larry D for smelling bad and dressing like a backup member of Boys2Men…wow, Lawrence D has no time for that, women love him. Or at least one of them does. Wow.

Good Brothers promo on Ace and Fulton. They say Ace and Fulton have their attention and ask if they know what they’ve done. Big LG says that after they kick their asses tonight they’ll be thanking the Good Brothers for making them famous. Big LG harnessing some Big Evil BROOOOTHER.

Josh and Madison run down the card and announce Moose vs. Trey Miguel for the TNA World Championship is up next!

Moose (c) vs. Trey Miguel – TNA World Championship

Moose and Trey kick this one off both trying to use their best attributes. Moose attempts to throw Trey around but Trey overcomes it with his speed until Moose finally takes him down and out. Trey constantly sticks and moves but nothing he seems to do can chop down the massive tree that is Moose. Moose is just grinding down the Fresh Prince of Mid-Air at this point. Moose is like a runaway train and a HUGE fallaway slam to Trey. Dang Moose is bashing Trey’s brains in. Trey making a comeback with some huge forearms, you can see the fire. Moose once again cuts him off with a huge dropkick. Moose covers and gets a two, then tries again for another 2. Trey Miguel holds on. Trey rallies back, Superkick and then a huge spinkick. Trey picks the leg and Moose is down. Big knee to the face and a DDT attempt and Moose cuts Trey off again but Trey counters and hits the DDT. Trey stays in control. Moose to the outside and Trey off the ropes but Moose catches him. Big Powerbomb onto the apron from Moose onto Trey Miguel. Moose into the ring and Trey is almost counted out but Trey is back in at 9. Moose lines up Trey for a huge spear but Trey attempts a sunset flip, Moose is too strong. Lights Out Spear! It’s all over 1…2…3!

Winner and STILL TNA World Champion – Moose

Post match EC3 jumps Moose. He hits his reverse DDT and takes off with the TNA Championship belt!

RENO SCUM bring Hernandez the money they stole from Rhino and he pays them off. He tells them to come back around sometime, he has more work for them.

Great EY video package talking about everything he’s been and who he is now. That the World Class Maniac is who he is and he will take what he wants. Awesome use of past footage of Young here. Really shows how much he’s done and how far he’s come.

This week’s Flashback is a stretcher match between Eric Young and Kurt Angle from 2011.

Willie Mack interview with Jimmy Jacobs. Mack starts talking about the situation with EY but Brian Myers interrupts and drags Jacobs away to interview him. He says he’s sick of decisions in the Wrestling Business being made by a 70 year old man in a boardroom somewhere. He says he’s taking back control of his career and the business because he’s the most PROFESSIONAL Wrestler. Mack comes in and jumps Myers to end the segment.

Another #Heath4IMPACT video where he talks about Joe Biden stealing his thunder by announcing his running mate on a Tuesday. He wants #Heath4IMPACT trending tonight because Rhino needs help to get revenge on Reno Scum. Oh and he’s still got kids.

The Good Brothers vs. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton

Anderson and Austin start things off and Anderson is in control. Austin is looking to tag out quick but Anderson keeps on top of him. Luke Gallows tagged in, not for long though, works over Ace Austin but tags Anderson back in. Classic tag team action here, really textbook stuff but great stuff all the same. Gallows and Fulton finally both in and slugging it out, big clotheslines but neither man goes down. Neither team give an inch for long. This one has been nothing short of a fight, even Ace Austin is just straight up scrapping. Nasty doubleteam work as Fulton slams Anderson onto Austin’s knees. Ace Austin uses his signature card to papercut inbetween the fingers of Karl Anderson. Fulton and Austin work over Anderson but a HUGE spinebuster from Anderson to Austin turns things around. Big Luke Gallows in and Gallows is clearing house. Attempt at a Magic Killer on Ace Austin but Fulton is in to break it up. Fulton and Big LG to the outside and Gallows is sent into the turnbuckle. Ace and Fulton work over Anderson again with some sick doubleteams but Anderson stays alive. Back and forth between Anderson and Austin. Fulton tries to attack Gallows on the outside but Gallows gets the best of the situation. Gallows into the ring, Magic Killer and a 1…2…3.

Winners – The Good Brothers

Back in WrestleHouse the Deaners find someone stole their beer. They question Acey Romero who approaches the fridge but Susie reminds them of their truce and breaking a truce is bad. Lawrence D joins the party and asks Rosemary if she wants to go to the big match with him tonight right in front of John E. She says she’s reffing but they’ll have a rain check and do something next week. John E is clearly jealous. Susie and Cousin Jake have another moment Cody asks if their date last week didn’t go so well and Cousin Jake says that is correct.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Kylie Rae

Kylie tries for a handshake but Taya is having none of it. Kylie starts off hot but Taya comes back with some sick forearms in the corner. It doesn’t last long as Kylie takes back the driver seat but Rosemary, the ref, trips Kylie. Taya starts pulling some dirty tricks and Rosemary completely ignores them. Taya lays a beating on Kylie with kicks and choking her on the ropes. Kylie just can’t seem to make a comeback as Taya dominates. Superkick out of nowhere and a pin only gets a 2 for Kylie as Rosemary counts slow. Huge suplex from Taya that only gets a 2 of its own and Taya is furious. She and Rosemary scream at each other. Taya almost accidentally runs head first into Rosemary before turning around into a huge superkick from Kylie Rae and Rosemary begrudgingly counts the 1…2…3!

Winner – Kylie Rae 

Post match Rosemary tells Larry D she’ll see him next week and Crazzy Steve, even though he’s blind, tells Bravo that even he can see that he’s blowing it with Rosemary. The Deaners say it was an awesome match but they still need to find out who took their beer…

Josh and Madison run down the card for next week. Willie Mack takes on Brian Myers, more WrestleHouse, Eddie Edwards’ open challenge and the first ever knockouts 30 minute iron man match as Deonna Purrazzo defends her championship against Jordynne Grace.

Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. The North – IMPACT Tag Team Championships

Josh Alexander and Chris Sabin kick things off, Alexander exerting his power over Sabin. Sabin on the comeback and runs circles around Ethan Page and Josh Alexander but Alexander picks him out of thin air. Page and Alexander go to work on the Machine Guns. Page and Sabin now legal and Page stomps him down. Page takes him to the corner and Alexander is back in. Great tag work from The North, quick tags and they beat down on Sabin. Sabin comes back though and Alex Shelley finally gets his chance to tag in. Sabin and Shelley with some jaw dropping double team action and they lay a beating on Page and Alexander. MCMG do what MCMG do best. Shelley has Josh Alexander wrapped up in a leglock and works over his knee. Page tries to get involved but Shelley sends him to the outside. The North regain advantage and Alexander goes for a cover but Shelley kicks out. Page in and some nasty knees to the back of Alex Shelley. Alexander turns the tables on Shelley and starts working over his leg but Sabin is in to break up the submission. The North are running the show now, they have Shelley in their corner. Shelley tries for a comeback but Page holds on and a huge backbreaker from Ethan Page to Shelley. Cover. 1…2…and Sabin breaks it up. That was a close one. Shelley fights both men off and Sabin takes Alexander off the apron, Shelley crawls towards Sabin and HOT TAG. Huge forearms from Sabin to Page. Huge strike combination from Sabin followed up by a neckbreaker to Ethan Page. Missile Dropkick from Sabin to Page followed up by an awesome dive from Sabin to Alexander on the outside. This one is going wild. Shelley covers Page but Page kicks out at two! Double team Sliced Bread #2 on both members of the North and Sabin covers Page but only gets a two on that one. Wow, incredible double team combination from The North ending with Sabin getting dropped on his head with a killer suplex by Alexander. Page tries for the cover but Sabin stays alive! This one is getting away from me, The North try to finish off Sabin but Sabin rolls through and tries a pin, here comes Shelley and everybody is down. Superkick by Ethan Page. Sabin with a huge tornado DDT, Alexander tries for a Suplex but gets cut off. Big double superkick to Ethan Page from the Machine Guns. MCMG hit the top rope splash, neckbreaker combo on Ethan Page and that’s all she wrote. 1…2…3. I did not do this one justice. What a match. These four men do it like no other. This is a must see TV match. Fantastic.

Winners and STILL IMPACT Tag Team Champions – The Motor City Machine Guns

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