WWE Smackdown 8/14: Live Coverage and Twitter Reaction

It’s Friday evening folks! As with every Friday, that means I am here to deliver all of the hard-hitting action and must-see drama in tonight’s episode of Smackdown on Fox! After last week’s shocking appearance from The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman, it appears we’re on a collision course heading into the Hottest Event of the Summer! Will The Universal Champion make good on his vow to destroy Bray Wyatt’s menacing alter ego, or will The Fiend head into Summerslam with the same momentum he did just last year; when he made his diabolical debut?


Alexa Bliss speaks

Big E meets Morrison

More on the Triple Brand Women’s Battle Royale

Will Retribution return after decimating the Smackdown set last week

All of this and more tonight at 8 EST

And we are up and running!! We are taken back to the carnage of last week as we review footage of Retribution’s attack and dismantling of the Smackdown staging and ring area.

Big E v. John Morrison

We open up with the Smackdown Cinderella story of Big E and as we are treated with Big E’s more eloquent attempt at an Ultimate Warrior promo, we are treated to more technical difficulties…

We return from break and the locker room is baffled by what has happened in the ring already. But have no fear, it’s King Corbin to the rescue as he offers council and compassion for all who choose to follow.

As the dust settles, we are brought back to the ring and graced with the presence of none other than the WWE’s resident Karen’s….The Golden Role Model’s are here to kickoff, and apparently ring announce the Triple Brand Battle Royale.


But among all of their many talents, it appears that proofreading their cue cards isn’t one of them as Bayley choked back the name….Asuka!

Triple Brand Battle Royale

The bodies fly early as Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott were quickly eliminated by their Red Brand rivals, The Iconics, but turn about is fair game as the Riott Squad got some payback with an assist by Teegan Knox; spilling Royce and Billy Kay to the floor. Nikki Cross would be next as she attempted to stave off the advances of Tamina Snuka. Snuka would be next to go followed by Naomi as she continues her beef with Lacey Evans and is met with The Women’s Right for her trouble. But the NXT resident Blackheart would be the one to silence the Sassy Southern Belle as Shotzi would plant a creative kick to the kisser of Evans; sending her to the floor. After a solid showing by Know and Belair, as well as some hijinks by Dana Brooke, we finally get to our final two of Asuka and Baszler. Despite the Golden Role Models stepping in to help decide a winner, Asuka would survive the onslaught and punch her SECOND ticket to Summerslam, as we now have The Empress of Tomorrow squaring off against both Sasha and Bayley for each respective title.

And after the women tore it up in the ring, we were brought to the backstage area where a rejuvenated Mandy Rose laid down the challenge to her once best friend, Sonya Deville… A Hair Match at Summerslam.

Sheamus v. Shorty G

As we were reminded via video package as to why this match is going down, the obvious David vs. Goliath image is immediately painted as Sheamus out muscles and beats down his clearly smaller opponent. But the ever-tenacious Shorty G laid in some stiff shots and tried to keep up but the muscle and mayhem of The Celtic Warrior was too much as Sheamus delivered the Brogue Kick for the victory.

And next we are being introduced to the Phenomenal Intercontinental Statistics System??

So AJ Styles is here to continue his Intercontinental Reign but is conflicted by who he should face at Summerslam. But while Style believes that no one is in his league, he is interrupted by the Charismatic Enigma… It’s Jeff Hardy laying down the challenge to the Champion as well as a bit of the lumber.


Shinsuke Nakamura v. Gran Metalik

In a blossoming new beef, we see Gran Metalik going one on one with Shinsuke Nakamura with each man looking to pick up a win for his team. Despite an overall decent match, it was the return of the third member of LHP as Kalisto made his return to the WWE and Smackdown.

As we return from break we’re face to face with the Bro that Runs the Show and as we are treated to the melodic tones of Matt Riddle continuing his quest for King Corbin’s head, but it’s Shorty G with the misdirection as Corbin laid out Riddle with a well-placed shot by his scepter.

But things get deep as Alexa Bliss speaks for the first time since her time with The Fiend. It was smiles as she reminisced about her beefy bestie, Braun Strowman but the smiles faded as Bliss was reminded of the comments made by her once companion.

Wait, we get this a week early? Is it Christmas


Big E v. John Morrison(continued)

It was an extended time out but we are back to the action that kicked off the show as Big E squares off again John Morrison. In a battle of completely different styles, Morrison and Big E bringing out the best of each other.

At least until the Miz got involved and kept Big E’s attention long enough allow Morrison to capitalize. But as the night began, it would also end the same…. with Retribution laying waste to the backstage area.

But amidst all of the chaos and carnage, it would again be Big E with the submission victory.

But Big E’s victory would be short-lived as Sheamus would return and plant a Brogue Kick across the face of the victor. But Sheamus’ disrespectful attack would also be short-lived as the Universal Champion made his return to Smackdown.

And the Monster has found a new level of intensity as he calls out his nemesis and demands he face him. However, it was an old friend who answered the call. But Alexa’s pleas would only infuriate the Monster Among Men and with no other avenue to help him, Lil Miss Bliss flirted with disaster in hopes to save her friend.

And when you play with fire, you may obviously get burned; which is exactly what happened to Alexa Bliss…we think?

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