IMPACT Wrestling 8/11/20 Live Coverage

Welcome to BodySlam’s Live Coverage of tonight’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling on AXSTV, we hope if you’re not sitting on your couch watching the show right now you’ll kick back with me @ChatChatterson and keep up with the show here. Tonight we’ve got the fallout of Rich Swann’s retirement speech as Willie Mack looks for revenge against Eric Young, Eddie Edwards continues his IMPACT World Championship open challenge, more WrestleHouse, Kimber Lee and Jordynne Grace in action as well as Locker Room Talk with Madison Rayne and so so much more. I hope you’re as ready as I am because it’s time to get down to business.

IMPACT immediately kicks off with Willie Mack and Eric Young brawling backstage. Both men absolutely slug the heck out of each other until security comes to break it up. Neither man cares as they keep brawling towards the ring. They finally make it to ringside and the match doesn’t get a chance to start as the two keep on throwing stiff shots. Security finally gets the two pulled apart and Mack gets on the mic, he says that while they might have a match later but security can kick rocks because he wants to do it right now. This is a cracking start, I am loving every minute of this. Security leaves and Eric Young tries to go as well but Mack chases after him and the two continue their war on the outside. Finally Mack gets Young in the ring and the bell rings. Wow.

Willie Mack vs. Eric Young

Great match where Mack gets in the majority of the offence. Eric Young has flurries where he uses nasty heel tactics to gain the upperhand but Mack always finds a way to swing the pendulum back in his favour. This one was a pleasure to watch, classic heel vs. face match. In the end Mack hits the Stunner and goes for a chair to get some retribution for Swann. He sets it up on Young’s ankle and tries to go for the frogsplash onto it, Young has had too much time to rest though and after knocking Wille Mack from the top rope he nails the Eric Young Piledriver for the 1…2…3. Silly Willie! 

Winner – Eric Young

Post match Eric Young tells Eddie Edwards that this is his world and he’s not joking.

Madison and Josh run down the card and hype up Emergence coming over the next couple of weeks. Madison Rayne says Locker Room talk comes back tonight by popular demand with Forbes and RVD and Josh lets us know that at Emergence The Good Brothers will face Ace Austin and Madman Fulton in tag team action! Emergence sure is shaping up to be a heck of a couple of weeks.

Backstage the Good Brothers are looking for Fulton and Ace. A wild Matt Striker and some other guy appears. The Good Brothers noise them up but they don’t know where Austin and Fulton are, Gallows and Anderson are going to find someone who does.


Taya Valkarie is hosting a movie night after last weeks activity was so successful. Yeah right. The masterpiece they are going to be watching? Her greatest hits! The other housemates could not care less. Taya notices Cousin Jake and Susie are missing and it turns out Cody Deaner and Alisha Edwards are covering for them, apparently they both have the runs. Gross. The two duck out to “check” on their friends as the crew are forced to watch Taya’s debut. Rosemary seethes as Bravo gives Taya a massage…with GLOVES so his flesh doesn’t touch her. Crazzy Steve seems to have eyes for Rosemary too and Swingman tells him to go for it DADDY. Steve approaches Rosemary and they have a nice little Decay reunion before Steve tells her that jealousy is quite the potent poison. Interesting. We cut to Alisha with Susie and Cody with Cousin Jake, they’re both getting ready for a big date, this is hilarious stuff, especially from the Deaners. HOW CUTE!

Rhino leaves the bathroom and is blindsided by Reno Scum. Despite his efforts to fight back the two give Rhino an absolute mugging and take back Hernandez’ cash. HEY YOU MUGS, HE WON THAT FAIR AND SQUARE!

Kimber Lee vs. Jordynne Grace 

Another cracking match where Jordynne Grace tries to use the power game to take advantage of Kimber Lee but Lee manages to injure Grace’s knee and work her over. Lee is giving as good as she gets here and shows that she can hang with Grace at every step of the way. Kimber Lee looks like she might have it in the bag but Grace locks in a vicious rear naked choke that has Lee tapping out quick.

Winner – Jordynne Grace

It’s time for this week’s episode of Locker Room Talk but before things can get going we have a message from our sponsor #Heath4IMPACT. Heath is so good, especially at fun little things like this. He encourages everyone to get out his hashtag because he needs this job!

RVD and Forbes are welcomed to the show but it doesn’t last long before they start necking on and making out. Madison tells them they can keep the couch and bails and when the two notice she’s gone they claim the show as their own. The Whole F’N Talkshow. They ask each other airheaded questions with even more airheaded answers before Sami Callihan hacks his way in and attacks RVD. Forbes blinds him with some hairspray and the two do a number on Callihan once again.

The Rascalz are goofing around backstage wondering where Trey is, he finally shows up in a Suicide mask and spooks Dez. Moose arrives on the scene and intimidates Wentz for wearing an EC3 hoody. He then invites Trey dressed as Suicide to show up for a TNA Championship match next week saying he’s already defeated Suicide twice but the third time might be a charm. Ooooh is Trey gonna be TNA Champion? Nah, probably not.

Back in WrestleHouse we see a recap of what Steve told Rosemary earlier. Rosemary ponders jealousy in the stooge room before deciding to try it out for herself, after sizing up the potential talent she decides to get her flirt on with Larry D. At Susie and Cousin Jake’s date they compliment each other before Susie tells Jake that she has the runs…hahahaha okay. Acey notices Larry D acting weird and eventually when Larry announces that sometimes there’s more to life than food Acey says someone needs to slap some sense into him…oh no, here comes Tommy…it’s MMAAAAATCH TIIIIMMEEEE!!

Acey Romero vs. Larry D

Acey says that they’re brothers but he’s going to show Larry some tough love. Man these hosses are just killing each other. It’s amazing just how well both of them move, Acey is phenomenal in that regard. It turns into a slug fest and Larry D knocks Acey out for the pin and the win!

Winner – Larry D

Post match Larry D asks Rosemary if she saw that and tells her that the win was for her.

Deonna Purrazzo runs down Jordynne calling her brutish and accusing her of having an attitude unbefitting of a champion, she says that it appears Jordynne is all healed and good to go for Emergence and if she can handle it then she’ll accept Deonna’s challenge to a 30 minute Ironman Match.

Fantastic North vs. MCMG video package. Building that hype to the rematch at Emergence.

Hogan and Steelz vs. Havok and Navaeh – NO DQ

Pre-match Hogan and Steelz hide and get the jump on Havok and Nevaeh before they hit the ring. Lots of brawling and hard hitting action in this one. None of these women seem to want to give over control for very long. Lots of brutal chair shots to Havok in this one. Everybody seems very excited to get it, dishing out punishment. Hogan and Steelz run Havok into the ringsteps and work over Nevaeh. The two girls keep Havok on the outside and continue the beating on Nevaeh. Havok just tries and tries but cannot even the odds for her partner. Eventually she evens the odds and sets up a table but things break down again and everyone is on jelly legs. Havok holds her own and dominates. Hogan and Steelz put Havok through the table and Hogan nails a beautiful fisherman’s neckbreaker on Neveah to pick up the pin and the win.

Winners – Steelz and Hogan

The Good Brothers approach Scott D’Amour and want to know where Austin and Fulton are. He says nobody has even seen them at the building today. That’s not good enough for the Good Brothers who say that they know he has to say that but they’re going to the ring and demanding an answer. D’Amour says he’s getting Hall and Nash vibes from them today. Top Lol.

EC3 appears on the wall backstage as Moose was walking past. He says this is more than what Moose thinks it is. He says that he has to destroy everything that Moose stands for and because of that he has to destroy Moose. Moose has been warned!

Suicide vs. Dez w/ Wentz

This match started off well but before it can get into full swing Gallows and Anderson, The Good Brothers, hit the ring and clean house laying a beating on everybody. Magic Killer on Suicide!

Winner – No Finish

The Good Brothers cut a promo on Austin and Fulton saying they have nowhere to go and the pair of them don’t know what they’re messing around with. They’re not going anywhere until they show their faces and get the ass whupping they deserve. Austin and Fulton appear on the big screen and say they’re not even in the same state tonight so they’ve wasted their time. Austin and Fulton challenge the pair to a match on night 1 of Emergence and the Good Brothers accept.

Flashback this week is Cody vs. Eddie Edwards for Eddie’s TNA World Championship. Cool…cool. The rematch to this would be coming soon if IMPACT referred to my article on the Top 6 Potential opponents for Eddie Edwards. Just saying…

Rohit Raju is backstage with X Division Champion Chris Bey, he suggests that management is looking to book Chris Bey vs. TJP at Emergence. He says instead of being in Bey’s corner he should make it a triple threat match with Rohit so that he and Bey can kick TJP’s ass while Fallah Bahh is left on the outside unable to do anything while the two double team his partner. Bey asks why he should trust Rohit before reminding him that he already beat him at Rebellion. Chris Bey likes this idea. Let’s do it. Oh boy, this is going to work out well.

We get another Brian Myers promo where he finally unmasks and says that he is the MOST professional wrestler. I dunno Brian, really? I mean, maybe?

Back in WrestleHouse Susie still has the runs and it looks like she’s been dipping out of her date with Cousin Jake a lot. The two say they both enjoy each others company. Jake mentions Susie’s past and she goes all freaky deaky Su Yung on him which leads him to bailing with his own case of the runs. Alisha Edwards asked what happened and Susie says she doesn’t know before suggesting Alisha’s advice was bad. Dang, here we go, MAAAAATTTCCCHHH TTIIIMMMEEEEE!!

Susie vs. Alisha Edwards

The two catfight and then brawl. Crazzy Steve really makes this one with some hilarious reffing. Susie gets the win with a rollup out of nowhere.

Winner – Susie

Taya tries to get everyone back inside to watch her Knockouts Championship win but Kylie Rae tells her everyone is thankful for the group bonding activities but they’re tired and would rather just go to bed. Taya says that attitude makes Kylie a loser but Susie pipes up and says Kylie has beat Taya twice and is the #1 Contender to the Knockouts Championship. OOOOOOOOHHH! Taya says anyone can be a contender and asks who Kylie has beat, Kylie says she’ll beat Taya right now but she’s not interested. Well at least not until next week at Emergence. That’ll be a banger.

Josh and Madison run down the card so far for Emergence and hype up an Eddie Edwards title defence if he can make it through tonight. That’s right, its main event time!

Excited to see who Eddie’s opponent could be, these open challenges have been great so far.

Eddie Edwards cuts a promo on Eric Young and calls him out for a match right here and right now, nope no Eric Young tonight but here comes the debuting Brian Myers! Myers cuts a promo talking about how the IMPACT World Championship in Eddie’s possession is just a belt but in his it’d be a championship because he’s the MOST professional wrestler.

IMPACT World Championship – Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Brian Myers

Lots of heat and passion in this one. The two are knocking absolute lumps out of each other. This is looking like another world class Eddie Edwards title defence. Myers isn’t staying down even though Eddie is giving it all he’s got. Myers showing he has a ruthless streak and a chip on his shoulder. He’s not above using some dirty tactics to take advantage. This might be the best singles match I’ve seen Myers in. 

Myers constantly trying to grind down Edwards and break the champion but Eddie Edwards is not going to die. Eddie is throwing his whole repertoire at Myers but it’s just not enough. I cannot believe how much Myers is taking and giving out. Boston Knee Party by Eddie Edwards and as usual that’s what it takes to wrap this one up. Impressive victory from Eddie Edwards and impressive debut by Brian Myers. He certainly got my attention. 

Winner – Eddie Edwards

Another great episode of IMPACT Wrestling is now in the books and Eddie Edwards still stands tall as IMPACT World Champion. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching along with me here on As always I’ve been your main man @ChatChatterson, give me a follow over on Twitter and have a great night!

God Bless.

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