WWE Raw: 8/3 Live Coverage and Reaction

Another week, another Monday night filled with action from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida! We’re bringing you live coverage here and reaction on Twitter @ItzMeItzMeItDBD

The action starts…..NOW!

MVP vs. Apollo Crews: United States Championship Match

Old meets new as both belts are raised and we are off to the races! Technical difficulties be dammed as we kick off Raw with a US Title match; two weeks in the making!

As these two bulls lock horns, it’s the veteran IQ of MVP on display as he keeps Crews grounded through the commercial break; despite some impressive aerial displays by Crews. MVP continued with his smash-mouth style but miscalculated on delivering a vicious boot in the corner; giving Crews his opportunity to gain ground.

And gain ground Crews did after delivering a devastating Sit-down, toss powerbomb for the victory and the gold!

Soooooo…What’s behind door number 1? Said to be the brainchild of Shane McMahon.


It’s The Golden Role Models on Raw discussing their plans heading into Summerslam and even releasing a video package of why they are the best! But it was some surprise editing by the Empress of Tomorrow who vowed that “Revenge would be sweet.”

And if that wasn’t terrifying enough, Sasha was then introduced to The Queen of Spades.

After an emotionally fueled KO Show that saw Ruby Riott attempt to mend fences with long lost partner, Liv Morgan, and an interruption by the ever annoying Iconics; we’re set for tag team action!

Riott Squad v. Iconics

It was fast paced and heartfelt as the Riott Squad made quick work of Iconics and began the healing process.

And we have another confirmed match for Summerslam!

I cannot duplicate what was just exchanged between Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton. When WWE blurs lines like they just did between these two; it is drama that I can eat with a knife and fork!

I cannot wait for this match!

Nia Jax is seen in the ring as she lured Executive Pat Buck to the ring under the guise of receiving an apology. It was all for naught though as Nia Jax berated the WWE Executive and even downright harassed him. That is until Pat Buck had heard enough and suspended Nia Jax, without pay!

Right before all hell broke loose as we discovered R-Truth running from Akira Towzawa, the ninjas, Shelton Benjamin, and the Hurt Business. It’s a triple threat match for the 24/7 title!

Akira Towzawa v. Shelton Benjamin v. R-Truth: 24/7 Championship match

The action was fast and loose as this match would end fairly quickly due to some she-ninja-gens as Towzawa’s gang outsmarted the Hurt Business and allowed Towzawa to hit the Senton and score the pinfall and the 24/7 Championship!

I have no idea what is going on here but we’ll find out at 10 pm.

Shayna Baszler v. Sasha Banks

A match worthy of Summerslam (and a live capacity audience), Baszler and Banks were in the process of putting on a show until the enraged Asuka stormed the ring and attacked Smackdown Women’s Champ, Bayley Dos Straps before claiming the ring and letting 2BeltzBanks know that her time is coming.

Asuka? Shayna? How will the landscape of the Raw Women’s division form heading into Summerslam? We’ll find out next week as Bayley takes on Asuka where if Asuka wins, she will be granted a rematch at Summerslam for the Raw Women’s Championship.

And coming up after the commercial break it’s the Street Profits taking on Almas and Garza in singles matches.

I have no idea what Shane O’Mac is thinking?

Angelo Dawkins v. Angel Garza

From the opening bell, this match was all Dawkins; hoping to send a message to Garza and Almas before their match at Summerslam. The match seemed all buttoned up for Dawkins until Montez Ford collapsed on the outside. Dawkins, concerned for his brother, gave Garza the opportunity he needed to capitalize and with a planted dropkick scored the pinfall as we turn our focus to Almas and Ford. If Ford can compete?

Andrade Cien Almas v. Montez Ford

As Ford attempted to shake the cobwebs and compete, he fell victim to a hungry Almas, who dominated the majority of the match. Ford would attempt to scratch and claw his way to victory but the strange ailment that plagued him earlier showed itself once more as Ford was unable to finish the match.

It appears that WWE is now venturing its way into the MMA/Shoot Fight business as Shane O’Mac is featuring some WWE talent in his underground fight club as Erik from the Viking Raiders laid the lumber on his opponent in an impressive showing of what the Raiders are truly capable of.

But the real street fight went down outside the trainers room as Bianca Belair came to her husband’s defense after discovering that he had been poisoned before the match.

Well, at least we know why Raw has been filled with technical difficulties?

And it appears that MVP & Co. will be making an appearance at Shane O’Mac’s: Raw Underground before the night is over. Can perhaps The Almighty, Bobby Lashley, bring some good fortune back to the Hurt Business?

But for now…

Seth Rollins enters the ring and declares that he has some house cleaning to handle as he turns his sights to…. Tom Phillips? Claiming that the Raw commentator is unprofessionally creating bias across the WWE Universe, Rollins ordered Murphy to take Phillips as he had become a liability to the greater good. As the mood turned and things looked bleak for the commentator, he found back up in Samoa Joe.

And as Joe kept the attention of the duo, it was Dominik Mysterio coming in from behind and getting the better of The Monday Night Messiah once more.

And just like that we have another match booked for Summerslam.

And in the closing moments of tonight’s episode, we find the Hurt Business invading Raw Underground and taking out some much needed frustration on a few of the fighters around the ring. After dispatching the crowd and venting some anger, it would appear that the Hurt Business is back and better than ever.

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