WWE Smackdown: Live Coverage 7/31

Another Friday has come and gone which means that all of you out in the WWE Universe are gearing up for tonight’s episode of Smackdown, coming from Orlando, Florida in the WWE Performance Center!

What’s that? … Can’t catch the action tonight?

No Problem! Because Bodyslam.net and via Twitter, yours truly, @ItzMeItzMeItDBD have you covered with every minute of action and excitement! We’ll see you all at 8 pm EST!

It’s a Firefly Funhouse to open the evening and Bray has a very simple message for the WWE Universe… The Fiend is awake and wants the Universal Title.

Gran Metalik v. AJ Styles: Intercontinental Title Match

The first action to open the show features the Intercontinental Champion, AJ Styles squaring off against the King of the Ropes, 205 Live’s Gran Metalik. An underdog across the board, Metlik would need to rely on that high-flying lucha libre style to dethrone the champ but he’s facing an encyclopedia of wrestling in Styles.

And as we head to commercial, it appears that Metalik has moved into the driver’s seat with some fast offense to catch Styles off-guard. As we return from break, Styles briefly keeps Metalik at bay before falling victim to some of the high flying that brought Metalik to the dance. Styles finally unleashes his gameplan and begin’s to isolate the left leg of Metalik; not only grounding the Lucha libre but also softening him up for the Calf Crusher submission. While it appeared that Styles smelled blood in the water, The King of the Ropes began to pour it on out of desperation, perhaps aware that his end may be near?


Metalik catches The Phenomenal One with an enzuguri and climbs his perch; waiting to strike a final blow. But Styles savvy proved too much for his challenger as Styles throws up a chop block and sends Metalik to the canvas before putting him away with the Calf Crusher.

Post match, we are transported to the back where Shorty G watches on with the ever opportunistic King Corbin attempting to sway him to the dark side. Could there be another bump in the road of Matt Riddle?

And because we all love vignettes and backstage spots, we are then amped up for the enigma as we recap last week’s Bar Fight between Jeff Hardy and Sheamus. And of course, the WWE Universe is there to congratulate Hardy.

As Jeff speaks heartfelt words to the WWE Universe and his love for everyone who’s stood by him, we are yet again graced by the royal pain in rump: King Corbin. But Corbin’s antics were again soured as his opponent, Drew Gulak, surprised Corbin with a sneak attack.

Drew Gulak v. King Corbin

And as we returned from break, Gulak was still taking the fight to Corbin. But a few missteps allowed Corbin to sneak back into match just enough to pick up the victory; despite a surprise appearance from The Bro that Runs the Show.

But just when it appeared that Riddle would get some much-needed revenge on the King, we were introduced to Corbin’s newest jester who fell victim to the concept of collecting A King’s Ransom

Big E v. The Miz

I have never been more excited for a New Day segment than I am today! Tonight is Big E’s first steps into another shot as a singles competitor and perhaps even chase some titles. But tonight, if Big E could answer the call, the conquest was The Miz.

Oh and of course John Morrison …

But just when you thought you could count out the big guy, E caught a second wind and sent The A-Lister flying around the ring with three monstrous belly to belly suplexes! The two men continued their back and forth battle as Morrison interjected as he pleased; until Lil’ Natch finally had enough and sent him on his way.

With a level playing field, it was enough for Big E to surprise everyone and score a very surprising submission victory over The Miz and of course, some much needed jawing at the ever opinionated, Corey Graves.

We then cut to the private locker room of Smackdown Tag Team Champions as they celebrate their greatness; until they were interrupted by some potential challengers.

Naomi v. Lacey Evans

The match opens with the Sassy Southern Belle’s usual tactic of using anything available to gain an advantage…even Naomi’s hair. Tonight would be a first though as Evans’ attempted a count out victory by stuffing Naomi’s hair between the steel steps! But Lacey couldn’t stop the glow tonight as Naomi caught the Southern Belle with a surprise back-slide for the 1,2,3 victory!

We cut to the greatest love story ever told as Otis and Mandy Rose plan their date for the evening but alas, who is that stalking in the shadow?

As we see Mandy in the makeup area, we soon see the evil’s of Sonya Deville as she attacks and embarrasses Mandy Rose…going so far into her dark side that she even cuts the hair of Rose!

Throw in some witty banter by Miz & Morrison and that folks will lead us into our main event of the evening… It’s Bayley v. Cross and it is next!

Nikki Cross v. Bayley: Smackdown Women’s Title

We are once again treated to the WWE’s favorite Karen as Bayley squares off against Nikki Cross in an Extreme Rules Rematch. As the match begins, it’s the explosive offense of Cross and the counter ability of
Bayley on display as Bayley attempts to stave off the heavy onslaught of the challenger. As we cut to commercial, it’s some unconventional offense that has Cross on top and the role model reeling on the outside! We return from break and it’s the champ in the driver’s seat as the Bayley Dos Straps brings home the bacon, finishes Cross and walks out of tonight’s episode of smackdown, STILL your Smackdown Women’s Champ!

Bliss enters the ring, trying her best to console her friend who is having no part of anything as she tries to accept what just happened, again. As Cross exits the ring, she shoves her best friend to the mat and exits. As we fade away from tonight’s episode, we are welcomed by a sudden surprise. A terrifying and for Alexa Bliss, unfortunate surprise…

He’s back folks…. Let him in!

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