WWE NXT 7/29/20 Recap

Karrion Kross Keith Lee Promo

It takes nothing but the prospect of this match taking place to make me excited about it. These guys are absolute professionals. “I break you, like I break your friend.”

Io Shirai and Tegan Nox vs Dakota Kai and Candace LeRae

Everyone in this match is excellent and had a great showing. I would like some more individual shine for them but that’s just a gripe. Shirai wins with a really snappy moonsault.

Adam Cole Pat McAfee Recap

I don’t care if it’s a work or not Adam Cole came off looking tough to me so I dig it.

Jonny Gargano vs Roddy Strong

Somebody get Johnny a skin graft for his chest! Stiff vicious shots from Roddy echoed throughout the PC. Each one made me cringe. Technical, brutal and impressive I can’t say enough good things about it. A clinic in perfection, Gargano wins by pin fall, the right decision.

Shotzi Blackheart vs Mercedes Martínez

Shotzi is the next Becky Lynch mark my words. She comes to the ring in her tank looking like the essence of chaos. Mercedes entrance is so epic, I just can’t get enough of watching her, she’s so legitimate. Mercedes goes over with a new finish, which is disappointing, I loved the fisherman driver variation she had. Statement made though, don’t mess with Mercedes.

Ridge Holland Promo

Man monster, Ridge Holland gets his time to shine. Good luck wrestling this guy. The second coming of Brock Lesnar is here folks.

Keith Lee In Ring Promo

Keith Lee comes down full of fire looking all the big intimidating man he is. This is what I’ve personally been looking for, aggression! Cameron Grimes foolishly interrupts the seething Lee and gets a resounding beating for his troubles. Scarlet comes out dressed in red. Karrion Kross and Keith Lee is being built up as much as any match I’ve seen in the past on NXT. I can’t wait to see it.

Dexter Lumis Finn Balor Timothy Thatcher Promo

The colorful cast of characters at play here is terrific. There is no slouch in this match, how will HHH keep everyone protected while elevating the others.

Imperium vs Ever Rising

Competitive squash matches like this should be the new wave of how things are. CLEARLY a rib on the Young Bucks, they are actually really good wrestlers and did a great job here. Imperium get the predictable win. UE put a big beat down on Imperium. We’ve seen them go before, that does not diminish my joy about it.

Bronso Reed Promo

Bronson Reed comes off like baby face Fatu except he’s not corny and actually intimidating. The next Bam Bam if there ever was one.

Regal Promo

Mr. Regal is not about to take any guff! He sets the record straight, it’s him that makes the matches round these parts.

Isiah Swerve Scott vs Jake Atlas

What a match! Jake Atlas should be pushed to moon, that dude is the future of wrestling. Both wrestlers put on a show with stiff athletic moves, great facials, ring presence. I highly recommend it. Swerve goes over here which I would have done, but that’s just me.

Damian Priest Promo

Damian Priest’s deep voice resonates as he declares himself unworried and is assured of his victory in the upcoming triple threat next week. Building matches, not the day before they happen. Astonishing.

Finn Balor vs Dexter Lumis vs Timothy Thatcher Main Event

This is some stacked booking right here… Could there be any more different wrestlers than the guys here? The initial fear of styles clashing (pun) was immediately gone. Everyone was made to look strong. Thatcher is the resurrection of Lou Thesz as he lurches about the ring trying to pull off essential parts. Stiff is one word that comes to mind here as everyone lays there stuff in and it looks great, it looks believable. Lumis pulls a Ricochet and flips over the top rope to the floor, it was cut strangely with makes me wonder if he had a pad or he might have stumbled a bit… not sure. The end comes when all three get caught up in a submission chain, Lumis claps on the strange choke hold thingy and passed out Thatcher. I didn’t think anyone looked weak here. Creepy iron giant Lumis stares a hole through the belt as the screen fades to black. What a complete wrestling show.