Time to Look Greener Pastures

WWE has one of the most talented rosters in terms of in-ring work of all time. In that roster there’s a lot of underutilized talented that with the right booking they could be major stars for WWE.

The wrestlers that form part of the WWE roster since they were kids for the most part dreamt of being “WWE superstars”. For years, these wrestlers trained make their dream of being part of WWE come true and now that they are in WWE, Vince McMahon and his out of touch booking are not taking advantage of the abilities of the roster.

Mustafa Ali recently made a tweet about “people” turning their backs on him. This is in my opinion a reference to the booking creative has written for him since he joined the main roster in 2018.

Mustafa Ali is a talented wrestlers and obviously his dream was to be on WWE but it seems like creative *cough**cough* Vince *cough**cough* don’t see the potential star they have on Ali. Mustafa is not only a good wrestler but an amazing human being and the fact WWE has not been able to book him in a prominent position is mind-boggling.

I know Mustafa’s dream has been to be a WWE wrestler but maybe is time for him to reconsider that dream and look for greener pastures. WWE is no longer the only game in town and promotions like AEW, NJPW, ROH, IMPACT and many more would love to have him on their roster. WWE time and time again has show not being interested on pushing on a major way Ali and many members of the WWE roster that still want to believe in WWE.

Wrestlers like Ricochet, Chad Gable (I refuse to call him by the other dumb name creative gave him), Cedric Alexander and many more need to look for other places that will take advantage of their talents or they will waste years of their careers in WWE without doing anything notable.

At the end of the day it feels these wrestlers dream that one day things will finally change but looking at how things are in WWE that spark of hope is not coming any time soon.