IMPACT Wrestling Live Coverage and Reaction 7/28/20

Ladies and gentlemen it’s #IMPACTonAXSTV time and the Chat Man is here to provide you with some live coverage. If you can’t make the show tonight and want to join me here on and on Twitter @ChatChatterson to keep up with everything that’s going on then you’re in the right place!

Looks like we’re kicking things off with the IMPACT World Championship match tonight. That’s insane.

IMPACT Wrestling opens with a recap of what went down last week, EC3 attacking Moose, Trey challenging Eddie Edwards and Reno Scum getting into it with the Good Brothers. We see last week’s tag team title change as MCMG bring an end to The North’s record breaking run. 

Hit the new bomb af intro, here we go!

Josh Matthews welcomes us to the show and says it’s a brand new era for IMPACT Wrestling. Here comes Trey Miguel and we have a World Championship match to open the show as Eddie Edwards defends his championship for the first time since Slammiversary.

Eddie Edwards theme is such a banger. I’M TAKING BACK WHAT’S MINE, YOU CAN’T HOLD ME DOWN, I AM THE FIIIIRREEE WHOOOAHOHOH-*ahem* Sorry.

IMPACT World Championship – Eddie Edwards (C) vs. Trey Miguel
The pair of babyfaces start things off with a handshake before locking up. A few collar and elbow sequences as Eddie uses his weight and strength and backs Trey up into the corner multiple times. Trey quickly brings back momentum after a flip from the top and the two take it to the ground for some back and forth mat action. Trey with an interesting Bulldog into the knee which staggers Edwards, the pace is picking up now and BOOM a crisp dropkick from Trey Miguel. Cover by Miguel but Edwards kicks out before one but Miguel keeps on top of him.

This match is tight so far. Eddie comes back with a nasty headbutt and then a chop before popping off with an inverted atomic drop before whipping Miguel into the ropes and planting him with a beautiful overhead suplex. Eddie is all over Trey now. Attempted comeback by Miguel with what looks to be a Tornado DDT but Edwards counters and plants him with the BLUE THUNDER BOOOOOMB. Cover to retain the IMPACT Championship…Miguel kicks out at 2!

Eddie Edwards seems to be getting frustrated now, he’s straight back on the offence and now he has Miguel backed into the corner with strikes. Big Irish Whip by Edwards and series of covers, none of which keep Miguel down. Trey on the comeback now using his speed to his advantage, plenty of strikes from all directions before hitting Edwards with a sick one two heel kick into a neckbreaker combination. Miguel covers but again only a two count for the challenger, Edwards will not stay down. Miguel cannot believe it.

Miguel drags Edwards to the corner and tries to go high risk but Eddie Edwards gets the knees up! Edwards can’t capitalize right away though and now the two men meet in the middle of the ring to exchange some brutal strikes back and forth. Pele Kick by Trey takes them both to the mat as we go to commercials.

Back from commercials and both men are back on their feet and still trading sickening blows, each trying to show that they can take the most punishment. Things break down again and both men counter everything the other has until finally Trey Miguel pulls off a Low Cutter that drives Edwards into the mat. Could this be it? Trey covers…1…2…Another big kickout by the Champion and Trey is in shock!

Miguel tries to go high again and attempts a standing double footstomp onto Edwards but it’s countered, quick recovery from Trey but Edwards gets him up for a Tiger Driver. Trey rolls through into a deep cover but Eddie is still in the fight, kicking out once again at two. Miguel stays on top but after taking a couple of kicks to the head Eddie Edwards powers up and runs through the challenger with a huge lariat before finally hitting the Tiger Driver he was going for earlier. 1…2…and another HUGE kickout by Trey Miguel who keeps himself alive in this one. Wow, this match is becoming a battle of wills at this point. Neither man wants to go down.

Edwards pulls down the kneepad and lines up Miguel for the Boston Knee Party. If he can hit this it’s all over. No, Trey counters with a high knee of his own which sends Edwards into the ropes. Eddie Edwards rebounds and Trey is a sitting duck in the middle of the ring. BOSTON KNEE PARTY! 

1…2…3. Eddie Edwards retains after a very physical match. Great way to start the show.

Winner and STILL IMPACT World Champion – Eddie Edwards

I’M TAKING BACK WHAT’S MINE, YOU CAN’T HOLD ME DOWN, I AM THE FIIIIRRREE…and the celebration is cut short as here comes “The World Class Maniac” Eric Young. Eddie Edwards is ready for a fight. The two tease getting into it and EY almost gets in the ring but instead tells Edwards that this will happening on Eric Young’s time.

Josh and Madison run down the rest of the show and introduce us to the next segment, ladies and gentlemen it’s time for WrestleHouse.

Okay so I don’t know what I just watched but it was awesome. Taya is not happy that she has to spend time around Rosemary’s guests and seen as it’s not her house she tries to leave. Rosemary uses her mind magic causing Taya to run into Abyss behind a door in some sort of CGI hellscape. Taya returns and the Swingman comes in with a great line saying Abyss really is in purgatory doing the job *nudge nudge, wink wink*. Taya asks Rosemary what that was all about and she denies it telling her that this isn’t her house either. This gives Cody Deaner the creeps and prompts him to ask “If this ain’t your house, and this ain’t your house…where are we?” Real spooky stuff.

The WrestleHouse intro plays and wow, you’ve got to love it. Pure cheesy retro greatness. Okay so WrestleHouse is a reality show set inside Tommy Dreamer’s house where he is the host. Kylie Rae is super excited that Dreamer is here and the look Rosemary gives her is hilarious. Acey Romero askes Dreamer if this is the House of Hardcore and Dreamer goes off on him, “No stupid, this is an investment property! I had to do something with those ECW checks before they bounced. Idiot.” The Deaners are shown in The Stooge Room which seems kind of like the Diary Room from Big Brother, they chant ECW relentlessly. We cut back to Taya who says she never agreed to this and asks Rosemary how long she had to be here, Rosemary looks at her potential loverboy John E Bravo and tells Taya “as long as it takes” before biting the apple. Ooooh interesting. Commercial break time.

We come back from commercial to more WrestleHouse and XXXL and the Deaners are at each other’s throats. Eventually Susie steps in and tells them arguments are bad and that they should call a truce. Both sets of lads seem offended by the idea. The Deaners say “No way Jose” and Dreamer chimes in that they didn’t sign him, Jiminy Christmas this thing is full of patter. Kylie Rae is excited about the truce but seen as they can’t shake hands because of Social Distancing suggests they air five, Swinger then comes up with bowing like Mr. Fuji and so finally XXXL give in and bow. Cody Deaner agrees but Cousin Jake needs convincing. Susie asks him to please bow, for her and he finally agrees and bows. Taya is not impressed and finally asks Rosemary why they are there, Dreamer interrupts and tells everyone that they are all there for the opportunity to win 1 Million Dollars. Everyone except Rosemary pops HUGE and Dreamer starts crotch chopping like a lunatic. Dang, this whole thing has got me creased in laughter.

Kylie Rae and Susie are in the Stooge Room screaming and Swingman tries to hug Alicia Edwards who is not up for it at all before Rosemary rains on everyone’s parade by yelling that it’s not true. Dang. Dreamer insists and says that if anyone would know it would be him. It is his house after all. Dreamer reveals that he usually rents it out because he doesn’t need six bedrooms, just one…if ya’ know what he’s saying…this causes a stampede because there’s more wrestlers than beds. Susie and Kylie get caught up trying to be nice to each other which allows Johnny Swinger to swoop in and steal the room. He asks Crazzy Steve if he wants to bunk with him and make his bed because he needs a young boy, Steve says he’s crazy not desperate.

Among the chaos Alicia Edwards decides to sleep on the couch before the Deaners come across a bed that they decide to rock, paper, scissors for. Outside Acey Romero finds a wrestling ring and tries to claim it as a bed but Crazzy Steve gets in first and claims that whoever does something first on TV gets to keep it. Dreamer somehow knows what’s going down in the ring and calls MAAAATCH TIIIIMMEEE as Steve and Romero find themselves in their wrestling gear and everyone is suddenly outside. Cody Deaner gives Kylie a ref’s shirt and she is going to officiate this match, the winner gets to sleep in the ring!

Winner Gets to Sleep in the Ring – Acey Romero vs. Crazzy Steve

Steve pleads with Acey and tries to find a compromise so they can share the ring but Acey keeps coming for him and isn’t having any of it. Acey tosses Steve across the ring and goes for a huge pounce but Steve hooks the ropes and tricks Acey into running the ropes for a looong time. Acey is tired out and Steve thinks he’s got him to agree to share but Acey fakes a handshake and pulls Crazzy Steve into a Sitout Full Nelson transitioning to a rear naked choke. Steve is fading fast. Steve is out. Kylie rings the bell and Acey Romero is the winner!

Acey Romero def. Crazzy Steve

Romero rolls Steve out of the ring, Swinger tells Acey to be careful with his boy and Taya decries Kylie Rae’s officiating as WrestleHouse comes to a close for this week.

Fallah Bahh and TJP backstage are talking backstage. Rohit Raju comes to talk to them and both of them get all over him about COVID safety. First they give him masks to wear and then make him walk six feet away. Rohit is here to talk about X Division Champion Chris Bey and taunts TJP saying that he’s not X Division material. TJP says he’d be interested in the X Division again and Rohit uses that to prove that because TJP has Fallah then Chris Bey needs him to have his back. Chris Bey agrees and says that he’s the first Finesse Division Champion and Rohit Raju can be right there with him. Everything’s coming up Rohit.

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton with Gia Miller next. Ace says he has a problem with the Good Brothers showing up and using them to set an example. He says that Gallows and Anderson have their attention. Austin says he and Fulton will be paying special attention to Gallows and Anderson’s match with Reno Scum later tonight.

Brilliant hype package for the IMPACT Tag Champions, the Motor City Machine Guns. Lots of their greatest hits here. Good stuff.

The North are going to cut a promo backstage but Josh Alexander can’t get Ethan Page to speak, he’s at a loss for words. Alexander says he understands because they are missing their IMPACT Tag Team Championships, he tells MCMG that their rematch clause is all theirs and they will be coming for their championships back soon. Ethan tries to speak again but he’s got nothing.

IMPACT Flashback of the Week up next. This time we’re treated to MCMG vs. Beer Money from Victory Road 2010. MCMG def. Beer Money to pick up the TNA Tag Team Championships.

RVD and Katie Forbes are sexing it up backstage going through Katie’s photos that she’s going to reveal later tonight. RVD keeps talking about how nobody is going to be able to handle them. How filthy can these be?!

We come back from commercials and are treated to a promo package from EC3. He talks about all the stars he has beaten and asks who cares? He says that he needs to tear his past apart because everything he has ever done has come at the expense of his soul. He says he needs to face his past head on, he doesn’t fear it but he needs to face it head on. He says he needs to destroy his past to get to his future. That he has to control his narrative. Really cool stuff, so intriguing.

Moose is talking to Gia Miller and is bragging about his win last week. He says he’s going to put out an open challenge for the TNA Championship. Miller asks about EC3 and Moose says he doesn’t want to talk about EC3 and that he’s not invited to challenge but anyone on the roster is. Heath Slater shows up and Moose says he’s not on the IMPACT Roster either, Heath says he’s not but he’s on the TNA Roster and the TNA Championship committee has given him a match for the title. Moose tries to argue there’s no Championship committee but Heath uses it against him saying if there’s no committee then there’s no championship. Moose asks Heath if he’s the hottest free agent in wrestling and when Heath tells him he’s damn right Moose says he has his shot next week. What a match!

Scott D’Amour shows up compliments Heath on managing to continually find his way backstage. D’Amour says that if Heath beats Moose next week they’ll look at opening up a roster spot for him. I have a bad feeling about this.

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kimber Lee is up next. Big fan of both these women, looking forward to this one. 

Knockout’s Champion Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kimber Lee

Kimber Lee comes hot out the gate brining it with forearms and chops to Purrazzo. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors by Kimber Lee and Lee is all over the champion. Huge boot from Kimber Lee takes Purrazzo to the mat and there’s a cover but Deonna kicks out at two. Kimber Lee is still all over Purrazzo as she locks in a full nelson with her legs and keeps the champion on the mat. Roll over and another pinfall attempt on Deonna but once again she kicks out quickly. Deonna starts to work on a comeback, she stomps Lee’s arm and is just really putting the limb through the ringer. Deonna looks to be weakening the limb for the finish. Deonna Purrazzo is all over Kimber Lee and that injured arm now. Pinfall attempt from Purrazzo but Kimber Lee kicks out. Kimber Lee mounts a comeback and she locks Deonna in a cool tarantula like move in the ropes but of course has to break before the five count. Big kicks from Lee followed by a step up enziguri which nets Kimber Lee a two count but Purrazzo isn’t down and out yet. Kimber Lee starts to get cocky talking trash which leads to Purrazzo slapping the taste out of her mouth. Things break down and the two women unleash on each other with strikes and Kimber attempts a raging roundhouse kick but Deonna ducks it and unloads. Deoanna attempts the Fujiwara Armbar but Kimber Lee counters and manages to land a bridging German Suplex into a pin, she can’t hold it though as her injured arm gives out on her. Kimber Lee up to the top but Deonna pulls her from the second rope. Armbreaker from Purrazzo onto Lee’s injured arm before locking in the Fujiwara Armbar and Kimber Lee has no other option but to tap out. Deonna Purrazzo picks up the win after another fantastic match, great stuff. I think I’m really going to enjoy Deonna’s run if it keeps up like this.

Deonna Purrazzo def. Kimber Lee

Post match Jordynne Grace’ss theme hits and the former champ comes out with her arm in a sling. She gets in the ring and it turns out she’s faking! Grace unloads all over Deonna Purrazzo. Grace shoves Purrazzo out of the ring and stands tall.

Katie Forbes runs into Sami Callihan and she says she doesn’t speak to fans. She says if Sami wants to see her he can look on her website. Callihan says “Website? I’m sure I can find the link in her bio.” Top lolz.

We come back from commercial to a Brian Myers hype package. Pretty cool idea with all the advice he’s gotten over the years echoing in the background as he poses. Not the biggest fan of solo Myers, let’s see where this goes.

We’re back to WrestleHouse and Swinger commiserates with Crazzy Steve that it looks like he’s going to be sleeping on the bathroom floor. Well unless he wants to reconsider and be his Young Boy. Steve gets a wicked look in his eye and says it sounds like a great idea. Cousin Jake is sleeping in the bed snoring his head off as Cody lays awake looking tormented on the floor. Jake wakes up out of the blue and tells him to be quiet and stop snoring not realising that he’d woken himself up. Cousin Jake denies that he’s a snoerer and the two break down almost coming to blows. Tommy Dreamer comes out from beneath the covers and says they’re not gonna do it like this…it’s MAAAATCCCHH TIIIMMMEEE!! Not right now though. In the morning.

There’s a random animated segment with a rooster and now it’s morning….MAAATTCCCHHH TIIIMMEEE!!

Loser Leaves the Room Match – Cousin Jake vs. Cody Deaner

The two go to come to blows but Cody asks for a truce and bows. Cousin Jake thinks it over and does the same but Cody rolls Jake up into an inside cradle for a two count. Cody backs Jake into the corner and goes for the ten punches, hits nine and then comes down and slaps Cousin Jake right across the face. Jake makes the comeback and puts Cody down before taking Cody’s cap. Cousin Jake puts the cap on and turns it to the back, GIVE ‘ER! Big punch by Cousin Jake that gets a two count. Cousin Jake with a heely chin lock he makes referee Alicia Edwards ask Deaner if he admits he snored. Deaner refuses and mounts a big comeback. Big punches by Cody Deaner and an attempt at a big DDT but Cousin Jake counters into a big Bossman Slam for the 1…2…3!

Winner – Cousin Jake

Post match the Deaners declare a truce and Cody goes on the hunt for a new place to sleep. Lucky boy as he comes across a badass RV outside and we go to commercials.

Back from break Sami Callihan approaches Ken Shamrock and asks for his explination as to what happened at Slammiversary. Shamrock says he can’t think right now. Shamrock says he’s going and he doesn’t know when he’ll be back. Katie Forbes is back and this time she’s brought RVD with her. She tells Rob that Sami was the guy that was creeping on her. Rob says he can look but he better keep his distance. Sami says they’ll never even see him. Oh-Oh.

Here comes Katie Forbes and RVD to the ring. Forbes is making it rain and we have been promised we’re about to see Katie Forbes for free ninety nine. Now what we’ll see I have no idea. I guess your guess is as good as mine. Forbes shakes her titties and Rob gives a jab towards wrestling fans before telling her to take it away. Forbes says that she’s glad to be herself again and that the skimpy outfit she’s wearing covers too much. After telling parents to put their kids to bed she starts a countdown to her big reveal. As the countdown hits 0 relatively tame pictures of Forbes appear on the tron with Sami Callihan’s face photoshopped over her own. Sami Callihan cuts a promo mocking her and Forbes has a breakdown in the ring. Okay.

Reno Scum take on the Good Brothers in their debut match after this commercial break!

We’re back and we’re in the Treehouse with Dez and Wentz. They talk about how Trey isn’t feeling good because he came so close to winning the world title. Dez says he should be in the Treehouse lifting his spirits. They talk about how weird it is just the two of them and Dez says it’s not, he’s invited a Power Ranger. It turns out the Power Ranger is in fact Suicide and Wentz is not happy because he’s afraid. Suicide appears out of nowhere and scares the boys. Wentz says he doesn’t fit in because he can’t talk but Dez points out Suicide already knows what’s up as Suicide exhales a big plume of smoke. They decide that he impressed them and may as well “catch up”. After getting thoroughly “caught up” Wentz decides he really likes Suicide but a paranoid Dez decides he’s no longer so sure as Suicide messes with his mind. Dez decides he’s the worst Power Ranger.

That segment was something else. Suicide should do everything every week. Amazing.

Madison and Josh run down the card for next week. We’re set to see Rohit Raju and Chris Bey take on TJP and Fallah Bahh, Moose takes on Heath, there’s a sit down interview with MCMG and on top of that Eddie Edwards will once again defend the IMPACT World Championship. Another freaking JAM PACKED show.

We’re joined on Skype by Rich Swann. He’s disappointed that his recovery of seven months has been set back so much by the Slammiverary match and the fact that he didn’t win the World Championship. What the doctors are telling him is sending him to a dark place. He says he’ll be at IMPACT next week to let everyone know what’s going on with him but right now he needs some time.

Main event time and here comes Reno Scum as they prepare to take on the Good Brothers. I think we’ve all been looking forward to this. Lets see how Gallows and Anderson do, leashes off after this final commercial break.

Reno Scum vs. The Good Brothers

Adam Thornstowe kicks things off with Karl Anderson and looks to be bringing the fight but Anderson quickly takes back the upper hand. Big shoulder block by Karl Anderson before he runs Thronstowe’s head into the turnbuckle. Thornstowe tries for the comeback but Anderson cuts him off and continues the beating in the corner. Anderson tags in Gallows and he continues the beatdown, Thornstowe into the corner and Gallows unloads with huge right hands. Three big elbows and then a cover by Gallows but Thornstowe kicks out. Anderson back in again and they double team Thornstowe before Anderson goes for the cover but once again Thornstowe kicks out. Here comes Ace Austin who sets up a chair at the top of the ramp in an obvious attempt to distract the Good Brothers. Luster the Legend is in out of nowhere and Reno Scum double team Anderson. Luster lays a beating on Karl Anderson. Huge headbutt to the chest by Luster. Thornstowe back in and a big stomp to Anderson, continuing to work him over. Anderson tries to make a comeback but is cut off and Thornstowe throws him into Luster’s head! Standing Moonsault and a cover by Thornstowe but Gallows threatens to get in the ring as Anderson kicks out. Luster once again tagged back in and Reno Scum once again beat the snot out of Anderson. Headbutt by Luster the Legend takes Anderson down. Another quick tag and Thornstowe is back in the ring working over Anderson. Anderson turns things around and finally counters and Implaer DDT into a HUGE Spinebuster. Hot tag to Gallows and he runs wild on Thornstowe. Big Boot takes from the Big LG takes Thornstowe down. Pump kick to Luster the Legend who tries to get involved. Anderson tagged back in and The Good Brothers plant Thornstowe with the Magic Killer for the pin and the win!

Winner – The Good Brothers

Post match Ace Austin tries to distract the good brothers allowing Luster the Legend to attack but they fight Luster off. Austin backs off but Madman Fulton comes from behind and Fulton and Austin brawl with the Good Brothers. The four brawl backstage and they end up fighting all over the building. Making their way outside it looks like Austin and Fulton may take advantage but Luke Gallows boots Fulton into the camera as the show goes off air.

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