WWE Raw 7/27: Live Coverage & Reaction

It’s Monday night folks! And what better way to celebrate the birthday of one of the great’s (We’re looking at you HHH), than by tuning in to tonight’s episode of Raw? Can’t tune in? No problem! I’ll be serving up the live coverage all night right here on Bodyslam.net and on Twitter @ItzMeItzMeItDBD.

We’ll be starting things off with an announcement from Raw’s resident Legend Killer; It’s The Viper…Randy Orton… kicking off the festivities and it’s happening at 8 pm EST.

And just like that, The Viper, The Apex Predator, The Legend Killer… Randy Orton reminds the WWE Universe why he is the best and demands a WWE Title shot against Drew McIntyre at Summerslam to an eruption by the limited capacity crwon

At least until he was followed up by a returning Nia Jax…

But as Nia cut an abridged version of exactly what Orton said, she was interrupted and put in check by The Reality Check on Raw!

Triple Threat Tag Match for a Title Shot at Summerslam: Viking Raiders v. Fly Boys v. Almas & Garza

With the street profits in attendance, we get ready to venture into this triple threat match when we return from commercial.

And as we return from commercial break, we find the Viking Raiders and the Fly Boys dazzle the crowd with the surprising agility of Ivar; while Team Tranquilo kept to the outside. It was easy breezy until everyone caught on and encouraged Almas & Garza to participate, in the most physical way possible.

But as the match continued to break down, odd alliances formed and it was officially every team for themselves… We left for commercial as the Viking Raiders appeared to carry the momentum but in those few short moments we were away, Almas & Garza had weaseled their way into the driver’s seat. At least until the match broke down…again.

After wiping out three quarters of the participants, it was easy pickings for Angel Garza as he hit the Wing Clipper for the three count and the security of knowing that Summerslam could be their opportunity for tag team gold. But as we head to the back, we see Nia Jax speaking with an official, that’s right folks, Nia Jax v. Shayna Baszler is next!

Nia Jax v. Shayna Baszler

You want tenacity and physicality? Look no further because The Queen of Spades exploded down the ramp, unable to control her blood lust for Nia Jax. The match broke down quickly as both women spilled out of the ring and were unable to answer the referee’s 10 count as both women were counted out. But that wouldn’t stop these two as the brawl had to be broken up by security and WWE Executives.


We return from break as the Monday Night Messiah graces us with his presence. Complete with his patsy, Murphy, Rollins addresses the WWE Universe and his inevitable clash with Dominik Mysterio tonight. He wasn’t wrong, it was inevitable…

But as the norm tonight, things would break down quickly; leaving Aliester Black clutching at his eye, Murphy shook by what he has done and Dominik.. well, he was still seething.

When we return from commercial, it’s the VIP Lounge and Ali taking on Bobby Lashley and it is next. Just make sure to keep eyes on R-Truth as he hopes to regain the Timon to his Pumba… the 24/7 Title.

It appears that Ali is entering hostile territory as Lashley is seething at the mere sight of Ali and perhaps by some of his comments

But as the sharks had smelled blood in the water, Ali had a rather odd assist from R-Truth who was coming for the 24/7 title.

Ali v. Bobby Lashley

And as expected… the CEO of the hurt business went to work on the vastly undersized Ali; rag-dolling Ali around the ring at will. Things began to break down as the 24/7 champion began to understand how demanding his workload was. Now Akira Towzawa has attempted to steal a win, along with his traveling ninjas. But the CEO would pull double duty and put an end to the distractions on the outside.

With everything calming down outside, Lashley went back to work on Ali, displaying an aggressive side that we haven’t seen in Lashley in quite some time. Frustrations would grow as Lashley was unable to put away Ali and it presented Ali with his opportunity to pick up a surprise victory over the Almighty One; however, tonight’s story would not have a happy ending as Lashley caught Ali in the devastating full nelson for the submission victory.

As we return to Raw… it appears we are getting ready to settle the score from Extreme Rules. It’s Asuka v. Bayley, it’s a Raw Women’s Title Match and it…is….now! Scratch that. Bayley is still attempting to justify her actions from Extreme Rules. As Asuka enters the ring, she is briefly joined by Kairi Sane until Sane levels the playing field and chases Bayley out of the ring and into the back! Now it is Time!

Asuka v. Sasha Banks: Raw Women’s Championship

Asuka comes out strong with superior striking ability and leaves Sasha reeling early. The two superstars then traded in technical prowess where both Banks and Asuka traded offense until the quicker of the two, Banks, looked to be on top.

Banks’ desperation soon came to the surface though as she pulled a little Latino Heat from her bag of tricks: Tossing one title at the referee and attempting to toss the other into Asuka’s waiting arms while selling taking the title to face.

The ref would have none of it though, dismissing Banks’ tom-foolery and continuing the match. Banks became irate and protested but didn’t exactly pay attention to her opponent

Both women would continue their assault on each other, displaying tremendous offense…..that would be immediately forgotten by what I can only label as one of the most terrible finishes to a wrestling match I have ever seen. As the big screen illuminated, we were taken to the back area where Bayley was beating Sane down in a bad way. As screams of, “Asuka” rang from the voice of Sane, Asuka made a hasty escape from the ring, the match, and her opportunity to reclaim her WWE Raw Women’s Title, only to be counted out by the referee. While I had hoped that we would see the true coronation of 2 Beltz Banks, this was a finish I would have never expected.

Murphy v. Humberto Carillo

The disciple of The Monday Night Messiah would attempt to silence yet another aid to the Mysterio family in Humberto Carillo. In what turned into a striking clinic by both men, the kicks were in full display tonight as both men were looking for more than just the victory.

But as Humberto went to the top rope, it was the quick wit of Murphy that allowed him to counter with a flying knee strike and follow up with Murphy’s Law for victory.

Dolph Ziggler v. Drew McIntyre: Unknown Stipulation

Before we see the second rematch of the evening, The Scottish Psychopath first addressed the challenge laid out by Randy Orton earlier in the evening. It is now official that at Summerslam, we will see Randy Orton against Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship! As McIntyre attempted to announce the stipulation we were interrupted by an irritated Dolph Ziggler who was finally demanding to hear what the match would be and Dolph would have his answer.

As per usual, McIntyre comes out hot and heavy; manhandling Ziggler at will and even destroying the Plexiglas barrier around ringside, before returning the favor from Extreme Rules with a little Kendo Stick action.

But turnabout is fair play as Dolph lands a desperation low blow on the Scottish Psychopath and finally gets his shot at some extreme offense. That offense wouldn’t last long though as McIntyre would impose his will and catch Ziggler before running pillar to post and beyond in this impressive slam.

We come back from commercial break to an episode of The Walking Dead as Ziggler attempts to pick himself back up from the slam. A little assistance from Drew and this match is back in the ring where Ziggler would continue to be abused by the WWE Champion until a desperation Fame-asser leveled the playing field for the time being. Both men on the top rope as McIntyre exploded through the Superplex, and sent Ziggler crashing to the apron. Drew would set for the Claymore but the cagey vet would counter with the Zig-Zag but only for the two count. In the end, it would be McIntyre delivering the Claymore Kick for the three count and leaving Dolph Ziggler in the dirt as The Scottish Psychopath focuses his aim toward the Viper at Summerslam.

Unfortunately for Drew McIntyre, the Apex Predator was already hunting for his prey…

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