Chris’ Quick Takes – How IMPACT Can Build On Slammiversary Success

Impact Wrestling are officially back. Sure, they never really went anywhere, but right now the company has arguably more buzz around it than ever before. Slammiversary was a roaring success after months of being hyped to the moon, but Impact can’t afford to rest on their laurels now. They need to keep the momentum going… but how?

Don’t Over Expose Former WWE Talent

This is the most important thing for Impact to get right. Who remembers TNA? Of course you do, it was great… until it suddenly wasn’t anymore. An over reliance on ex WWE talent ended up being the company’s downfall, with far too much time dedicated to the likes of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and a broken down version of Jeff Hardy. The problems weren’t just on screen though, with far too many former WWE workers making poor decisions behind the screen.

The early handling of EC3, Gallows & Anderson, Eric Young and Heath Slater are promising though. EC3 seems to be going after Moose and his mid-card TNA Championship, with The Good Brothers already involved with a couple of teams away from the title scene. Shoe-horning them into the top spots would’ve been a huge mistake.

Keep Up The Fantastic Knockouts Division

The decision to put the Impact Knockouts Championship on Deonna Purrazzo was a risky one considering she doesn’t currently have a traditional contract with the conpany, but that again seems to have paid off. A talented, legitimate champion being chased by a division full of equally talented women. Her match against Jordynne Grace at Slammiversary was an absolute banger and the build made it feel important.

Positioning the always popular Kylie Rae as the champs first challenger was a great move which should lead to more great matches, just like the one that Purrazzo won to become chanpion. Once Purrazzo inevitably retains there is a roster packed full of intriguing rivalries for her. Impact need to keep making the women feel this important as right now they have arguably the best womens division in all of wrestling.

Utilise Xplosion More

Impact may not have the depth in numbers of a promotion like WWE, but they have more than enough guys and girls not getting TV time. They also don’t have the resources of WWE, who currently put out 5 weekly shows and a tonne of Network exclusives. They do however, have Xplosion. Much like AEW Dark, Xplosion features highlights from Impact and exclusive taped matches.

It’s time for Impact to better utilise Xplosion. Keep the highlights for YouTube and fill Xplosion with enhancement matches, squashes, debuts and more to not only stop their talent sitting on the sidelines, but also help to establish names that the casual viewer may not know. You need look no further than NXT for proof of how a developmental show can shape the future. WWE’s main roster right now is easily 90% made up of former NXT talent.

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