WWE Smackdown 07/24 Live Coverage & Reactions

Another Friday night is upon us and for those who reside in the WWE Universe, that means we’ll be tuned in to the Performance Center’s airing of Smackdown on Fox!

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We’re opening the show with the with the hottest ego…erm, I mean act in WWE.

The Golden Role Models grace us with their presence with the simple objective of reminding the WWE Universe as to why they are currently the hottest act in WWE. But their jubilation would be stalled as Nikki Cross would interrupt the duo and demand one last shot at Bayley’s Smackdown Women’s Championship. Bayley was a step ahead and demanded that Nikki first do battle with her best friend and tag team partner, Alexa Bliss; with the winner of the match taking on the champion next week on Smackdown. While Bliss was reluctant, Cross was insistent.

Nikki Cross v. Alexa Bliss

The match started off as a technical clinic but seemed overshadowed by the exuberance of The Golden Role Models at the commentary table.

But the technical showing melted away as Bliss attempted to resort to old tactics, much to the dismay of her bestie…

As the match spilled out onto the floor, The Golden Role Models began to heckle again only to be silenced by Bliss and Cross. We return from break with Bliss controlling the match, exposing Cross’ cracked ribs she acquired at Extreme Rules. Those very ribs would be Bliss’ undoing as Cross feigned a serious injury only to roll up her best friend for victory and the title shot next week on Smackdown!

How I feel every time Bray Wyatt is on my TV….

Matt Riddle v. Tony Neese

Just another day at the office for the Bro that Runs the Show. Riddle squared off against the 205 Live standout, Tony Neese and as expected, the Stallion trampled his opponent with his impressive tosses, suplexes and striking.

And moments after his impressive win, Riddle got right down to unfinished business…

While both men found that verbal assault was the way to go, it was Corbin’s Royal Decree, placing a King’s Ransom on the head of Smackdown’s Resident Bro.

The Miz as always…the life of the party

And as Naomi finally grew tired of the shenanigans, Miz brought out his special guest and let the chemistry flow as Lacey Evans graced us with her presence. But the Sassy Southern Belle soon soured the atmosphere and brought Naomi to her boiling point.

Drew Gulak v. Shorty G v. Lince Dorado v. Gran Metalik: Fatal 4 Way for a shot at the Intercontinental Championship

In a rather odd fatal four way line up, we see Drew Gulak and Shorty G along with The Lucha House Party, squaring off for a shot at AJ Styles and the Intercontinental Title. With plenty of mix n’ match offense on display, it really boiled down to two competitors: Drew Gulak and Shorty G. But as the two focused on each other and not on their fallen foes outside the ring, It was the surprising late surge of Gran Metalik that landed the lucha his first shot at the Intercontinental title.

Ohhhh yeahhhhhhh….

Some quick words of warning from our new Tag Team Champions… they are targeting every team on the Smackdown roster.

When we return from commercial break!!!

Shemus v. Jeff Hardy: Bar Fight

Would it finally be redemption time for Jeff Hardy or would Sheamus aid Jeff’s demons in flooding his road to recovery? From the bar to the bathroom with a quick stop at the Video Basketball game, this was yet another physical match in the saga of Hardy and the Celtic Warrior. The more disturbing narrative, however, was Sheamus, yet again, rubbing Hardy’s demons in his face for a TV audience.

But Hardy would soon find the great equalizer and introduce a ladder into the fray. As we cut to commercial, Hardy’s flash of offense meant little as the Celtic Warrior sent him spilling into the band’s drumset. We return from commercial to find the tides have turned again as Hardy found himself delivering a desperation Twist of Fate but again Hardy was foiled as Sheamus’ bartender interfered and allowed the Celtic Warrior to break a chair over the back of Hardy. In what appeared to be the end, Sheamus called for the ref but returned to his fallen opponent only to find a different visage staring up at him…

Using this as his moment, Jeff climbed high above his opponent and put an end to the bullying and probing of Sheamus. At least for now.

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