Liv Morgan Talks About Wardrobe Malfunction

During the storyline wedding between Bobby Lashley and Lana, Liv Morgan made her return to RAW and gave fans a shocking moment. However, fans could not have realized Morgan suffered a wardrobe malfunction as well.

The former Riott Squad member took to Twitter and talked about her invading the wedding. She revealed that she had a feeling things would have gotten tumultuous, so she wore a bra even though her outfit did not require one.

Thinking back to when I crashed lanas wedding…my outfit did NOT call for a bra. I taped down (ladies u know what I mean) and very last second I put on a bra. And thank GOODNESS cause my top BROKE

Liv Morgan has been from WWE television for a while now. She was in the middle of an angle with Natalya prior to her absence. It is not known why she is off television, but she seems to be doing fine.