Takeaways from Slammiversary 2020.

Hello everyone it’s Brendan Bradley here again, with my thoughts on one of the biggest shows on the IMPACT wrestling calendar Slammiversary. Those of you who have been following my work know I haven’t exactly been privy to the goings-on in IMPACT over the years since they always kind of slipped under my radar. However, something was just in the air, last night and I decided to give them a chance, and here are some takeaways from my unique perspective.

Thought 1. MCMG still have it!

My first thought is something that actually happened in the opening match starting things off with a bang, 

one of the best tag teams in the promotion, The Rascals, Dez, and Wents held an open challenge. Which was by one of the best tag teams in modern wrestling history,  The Motor City Machine Guns! They then proceeded to have a very fun opening match that went back-and-forth throughout, ending with a Machine Guns victory. Both teams have impressed me immensely for a variety of reasons.

Heading into the show I did not know if the tag-team division was one of their strengths, But I’m glad to see that it is because with this and the tag-team championship match, later on, it was proof they have a good division that’s small in comparison to other promotions but packed with quality.

With the next installment in the division actually being this Tuesday, with a championship match between, The North and the aforementioned Machine Guns enticing me enough to tune in.

Takeaway 2. 

Women’s division is loaded.

My second take away is something I was actually privy to before watching thanks to Twitter buzz, that the women’s division is incredibly talented and arguably their strength as a promotion.

I will admit there were moments in the women’s gauntlet,  that made me cringe. 

More specifically,  the “men in drag spots”  that were played for laughs performed by Johnny Bravo. Because that just reeked of desperation for attention and that could’ve easily been done without. 

But that aside, The women themselves worked well in the gauntlet and the winner Kylie Rae has incredible potential going forward!  

Also,  the Knockouts championship match itself was brilliant.  With, a nice mix of intense striking and technical mat-work present throughout. Jordynne and Deonna had far and away the best match on the card and they should be proud of that. If you somehow didn’t see the show you should order the replay just for this match!  Deonna’s reign is going to be incredible if this is any indication of things to come. 

Takeaway 3.

The X division is extremely good.

My last takeaway is in-regards to their mid-card. The X division continues the trend of lower-tier wrestling belts providing  A space for the best pure athletes in the promotion to work on their craft and rise through the ranks! While not reinventing the wheel by any stretch IMPACT still does a really good job of setting a jurisdiction between this and the main championship in terms of presentation. Anyways, onto the contest itself, I had not seen much of either of these men before, but I heard good things so I was incredibly intrigued going into it.

Needless to say, those things were proven true as both competitors had a fun and frantic clash for the gold that kept me engaged throughout. 

Ending with Chris Bey pulling out the win!  Interesting to see what he does with it going forward and I hope Willie Mack gets more opportunities going forward  preferably in the main-event scene. 

Final Thoughts.

As I said on Twitter I didn’t enjoy everything on the show. But, overall I had a really fun time with it and will keep a closer eye on the promotion going forward into the rest of the year and beyond. I can’t wait to see what other things they have in store!


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