7/19 WWE Extreme Rules: “The Horror Show” Live Coverage, Results and Reactions

The time is now and the wait is over! Pull up a chair, grab some snacks and libations because tonight, from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, World Wrestling Entertainment is going extreme. Join me here for live coverage and updates of the evening as I sit back, relax and enjoy, The Horror Show at Extreme Rules.

Kickoff Match: Kevin Owens v. Buddy Murphy

In hopes to even the playing field for tonight’s, “Eye for an Eye” match, Kevin Owens squared off against Seth Rollins’ top disciple, Murphy. It was KO’s physicality and aggressive style that kicked off the match and kept Murphy at bay but Murphy was able to outlast the onslaught and turned the tides on Owens with a Meteora, followed by a most impressive Brainbuster.

In the end though, it was KO who fought his way back and finished off Murphy with the Stunner as well as a beautiful Moonsault.

Overall, the match was fast-paced, aggressive, and physical. Murphy has been a treat to watch since becoming a disciple of the Messiah and it appears the Owens is working his way back from injury in splendid form. I think I speak for myself and everyone here at when I express my excitement to see these two superstars shine on Raw in the months to come.

The New Day v. Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro: Tables Match for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship

After weeks of having the Tag Champ’s number, tonight would be the moment of truth for both teams in this knockdown, drag-out brawl of an opening match. Despite a frantic volley of momentum shifts, the match finally settled down as teams traded more devastating offense.

Despite every effort possible, the tag champs just couldn’t hold on as Cesaro again drove Kofi through not one but two tables with an ungodly Top Rope Powerbomb to the outside. And just like that, we have new Smackdown Tag Team Champions.

Bayley v. Nikki Cross: Smackdown Women’s Championship

Would it just be another day in the office for the longest running Smackdown Women’s Champion? Would Bayley complete the first step in total domination of the WWE Women’s division? Not if Nikki Cross had anything to say about it. Cross came out fast and furious in hopes to keep the champ from settling in; throwing every bit of offense she could generate, things were looking good for Cross in the early going.

Despite her best showing, Cross joined the list of other Smackdown Superstars who eventually fell victim to the power couple and their cheap tactics as Bayley and Sasha Banks continued their tyrannical stranglehold on the WWE Women’s division.

MVP v. Apollo Crews: United States Championship Match

In an odd turn of events, due to the US Champion’s inability to pass a pre-match physical, the title match was forfeit and in a moment of self-declaration, we have a new US Champion.

Rey Mysterio v. Seth Rollins: Eye for an Eye Match

Can anyone truly explain to me how we arrived at this point? Any match; any stipulation and these guys choose legalized mutilation? In one of the more personal matches on the card we are getting the Messiah squaring off against Rey Mysterio in a match that is won in very simple form: Pluck the eyeball from the skull of your opponent.

Wait, What!?

The words themselves are absolutely ghastly to read yet when compared to the maiming seen throughout the bout, they were just words. These two men pulled out all of the stops from splintered ken-do sticks and pliers, to ice picks and pens being used in this despicable concept of a wrestling match. Despite every effort made by Mysterio it just wasn’t enough to battle against the sadistic nature of the Monday Night Messiah as Rollins finished what he began in familiar fashion as he used the stairs again to this time remove the eyeball of his opponent.

Sasha Banks v. Asuka: Raw Women’s Championship Match

Two of the most technical women in the WWE battling for Red Brand Supremacy tonight and they did not disappoint. Banks came out hot and heavy in the beginning, countering every bit of offense the Empress brought to her and even taking a page out of Pet Dunne’s book as the Boss used numerous small joint manipulations to deal maximum damage to the Champion.

Despite each superstar delivering their best onto each other, it was ultimately the underhanded tactics and numbers game that was the undoing of the Raw Women’s Champion. Capitalizing on a misfired misting by Asuka that hit the referee, the Smackdown Women’s Champion struck Asuka from behind with the her title and unceremoniously ripped the shirt from the official and dumping him out of the ring before counting the fall for her best friend and partner in crime; your new Raw Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks.

Dolph Ziggler v. Drew McIntyre: A One-Sided Extreme Rules Match for the WWE Championship

Well, just when we thought we saw it all…

It certainly did appear that Ziggler had the upper hand after declaring his stipulation for the championship match tonight. Tonight, while the Scottish Psychopath must adhere to the rules of a simple 1 v.1 singles match, Dolph Ziggler would benefit from the rules of an Extreme Rules match.

The match was constant battle of wits as Ziggler attempted to find exotic ways to bring the Champion down while the Champion had to find conventional counters for the challenger. While it seemed that McIntyre would still be too much for Ziggler, the challenger finally found the opening he needed after some clever and unconventional chair work.

Followed up by Ziggler’s best Randy Savage impression…

But in the end, the Scottish Psychopath was just too much for WWE’s resident Playboy and secured his victory the best way he knows how; delivering a massive claymore kick for win.

Bray Wyatt v. Braun Strowman: Swamp Fight for the WWE Universal Championship

In what was easily the most anticipated and enigmatic match of the evening, the boys from the bayou clashed again as we were treated to the second installment of Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman; however, this match would be settled in the swamps where it all began.

We’ve seen the mind games that Bray Wyatt can deliver to his victims and they were on full display tonight as he went toe to toe with his former family member, the Universal Champion. As Strowman began to venture deeper into the swamps, the genius of The Eater of Worlds shone brighter as he capitalized on every opportunity to punish the Monster Among Men. As the match carried on, Braun’s brutish offense couldn’t get started while Wyatt’s hold on the senses of Strowman left the Champion defenseless to his challenger; finally allowing himself to be chained and at the mercy of his host.

After more mind games and a vicious snake attack, courtesy of one of Wyatt’s followers, we are transported to a clearing in another area of the swamp lit by a bonfire. Strowman awoke only to be attacked by more of Wyatt’s followers but even a weakened Strowman can topple the efforts of unknown henchmen as the Monster Among Men fought off the onslaught only to be lead further down the rabbit hole by a familiar voice…

As the apparition vanished into smoke, Strowman was once again reunited with his former master in what would be the final stretch of this battle and Wyatt was in no way prepared to surrender to his former stablemate. As both men continued to assault each other, the Universal Champion finally found an opening as he drove Wyatt’s spine into the bench seats of a docked boat and sent off into the abyss. However, every horror show always has a beginning; a middle and the twist. As Strowman watched his opponent float away into the swamp, he was surprised to see a similar vessel heading straight back toward him…empty. Wyatt once again capitalized with the element of surprise and began to beat down the Champion with an oar, screaming out puzzling taunts of,

“Look what you made do brother!”

Strowman finally reaching his boiling point placed a firm boot into the chest of Wyatt spilling him through the rotted barricade and into the bayou; bringing Braun to a knee as he searched the murky water for Wyatt.

“It’s over” exclaimed the Champion as he finally took a breath of relief before being pulled down into the bayou himself in a last-ditch effort by, not The Eater of Worlds but none other than Braun’s worst fear. Despite beating Bray Wyatt, The Monster Among Men simply could not contain that which he feared most.

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