“Wildcat” Chris Harris praises Dustin Rhodes growth since TNA.

On the season 3 finale of The Put Over Podcast, Skylar Mars interviewed former TNA/NWA seven time Tag Team Champion, and one half of America’s Most Wanted, “Wildcat Chris Harris.” During the episode, Chris Harris was asked about Dustin Rhodes during the Black Reign era of his career.

Mars: “Now, this is going to get a little serious for a second, because one of the feuds you had singles involves Dustin Rhodes when he was not at his best. And I don’t say this to condemn him, in fact, the opposite, I want to kinda highlight how far he’s come since then, but yeah, you did have a feud with the Black Rain character which to this day I believe even for mentioning it he will block people on social media and that seems like such a shame to– but, what was it like working with someone who’s not quite at their best?”

Harris: “Well, Storm and I had a history with Dusty and Dustin. We loved working with him. For many of our early years we did some six man tags with both of them so there was kind of that bond that we were kinda setting storyline, setting that up, so when Dustin came after me, and he was actually, he cost me the match with Christian and then he brought out that Black Rain character and we kinda went from there, that was all an experiment that they wanted to do. I think it was kinda a second coming of a Gold Dust character, just more of an evil persona, and no, I’ve seen Dustin, I’ve talked to Dustin since then, I love him, I’m so happy with how everything has turned out for him. But yeah, even he would admit, he wasn’t in the right frame of mind back then. And it did make it a little difficult sometimes, you know, getting a match together, because he wasn’t in the right frame of mind. But, you know, nobody got hurt, we went out there, we did our thing, he made Gold Dust work so we felt like he could make Black Rain work, and the few matches that I did have with him I’m glad I had them, it’s a great experience being out there with Dustin, somebody of his caliber, and the guy– he’s over fifty now and he’s still showing he can go.”

Put Over Podcast, Season 3, Episode 8

Mars: ” It is an incredible thing that A) he can still go, period, at his age, as many of his peers have probably gone down. But again, I wanted to talk on that not to condemn him at all, but far from it, I want to show just the fact that he has come from such a rough past and to be the Dustin Rhodes we know today in AEW, and that’s just such an incredible thing. God bless him for that.”

Harris: “Yeah, I mean, none of us can really imagine what he went through, it’s a personal journey, but whatever he did he came out with a clear head on the other side, refreshed, and now he’s really enjoying the business again, so, yeah, I’m proud of him for that.”

Put Over Podcast, Season 3, Episode 8

You can check out the entire episode of The Put Over Podcast feature “Wildcat” Chris Harris below.

Dustin Rhodes is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling and performing at a high level even into his 50’s.


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