NXT 7/15/20 Recap

Keith Lee Celebrates

The NXT roster are coming for Keith Lee. Keith strides down to the ring with his two belts looking epic of course. Great promo from Keith here as he proudly displays his prizes. Keith Lee calls our Dijakovic… The match is made Dijakovic vs Keith Lee for both belts!

Damian Priest vs Cameron Grimes

Grimes successfully wrestles in his best for a good part of the match. Both guys are such great workers, trading the upper hand back and forth this is a work rate heavy match. It went a good distance too. A nod to the Undertaker as Priest is clotheslined over the top rope and lands on his feet, then going for a choke slam. Why doesn’t Priest do the elevated flatliner as his finish?? It looks way better than his crossroads. Full on SLAP from Cameron Grimes in case you forgot who the heel is here. Priest powers up and eeks out a win.

Thatcher Promo

This guy needs to be the new Mr. Wrestling, mask and all. Easily the most legit dude in NXT I fear him… all should fear him.

Indi Hartwell vs Shotzi Blackheart

Hmm kind of a clunky match. Shotzi is the next Becky Lynch mark my words. No one should ever be going over on her, says me anyways. Indi works in slow motion compared to Shotzi and her frantic energy. Ouch! Aliyah whips Shotzi off the top rope and she eats a boot from Indi. The end.

Legado del Fantasma Promo

Sitting around dirty talking everyone is what heels like this need to do. They feel more like a united faction than perhaps anyone else.

Dijakovic vs Double Champ Keith Lee

Face vs face matches can be great if both wrestlers are able to tap in to aggression. Both belts are on the line here, raising the stakes. Getting caught in the middle of their test of strength would assuredly squash you. These are some monster sized dudes. No picture in a picture for these two. Keith Lee picks up the win here with a dominant finish. Cheers to NXT for giving us such awesome wrestling. This makes me wonder if Dijakovic is bound for main roster? So NXT must have hired a Hollywood producer exclusively for Scarlet segments, she makes an ominous statement and leaves.

Karrion Kross vs Dijakovic

Well… Kross annihilates Dijakovic in a very cinematic backstage confrontation.

Timothy Thatcher vs Denzel De Journette

De Journette is one big guy, I look forward to this. This match healed me, such legit grappling that gives us a look in to a completely different world. There is Pro Wrestling, but this is wrestling professionally. Thatcher taps out De Journette and refuses to let go. Hero Oney comes down to thwart Thatcher.

Io Shirai vs Tegan Nox

As expected this was a high level technical match between two of the most solid workers in the division. The belt being on the line sort of felt like an after thought, the selling point of the match for me was purely the strength of Io’s promos and the promise of a solid stiff match. Nobody is on Io’s level it’s obvious in every showing. Tegan Nox has a very expressive face and can sell solidly. Io and her top rope drop kick always looks painful. Io wins with a super fast moonsault. Ooooh Dakota Kai nails Io while she celebrates on the ramp. Another enjoyable show.