Kairi Sane To Announce WWE Future Soon

Kairi Sane’s current status in WWE is an interesting sitaution. Several reports suggested she would leave the company and go back to Japan and end her in-ring career a year later. However, she then returned to WWE.

According to Tokyo Sports, it was said that Sane plans to return to Japan following her recent marriage. She is hopeful she will have a relationship with WWE. While it does not seem like she will part ways with WWE, she could be planning on working for other promotions in Japan. Here is what the report said, translated from Japanese.

In addition, she also communicated her intention to return to Japan to his neighbors, and she was whispered to return to Japan early this year. However, it is unlikely that they will completely leave WWE and participate in other groups in Japan. Most of the argument is that the base will be moved to Japan and WWE will continue to maintain friendly relations.

Although it is not clear what form to choose, it seems that there will be some announcement by the summer festival “Summer Slam” (August 23). WWE Japan said, “We have not received any information here.”

As stated, fans will be seeing an announcement by the time SummerSlam starts. It was also said that they reached out to WWE, but no answer was given. We will have to see what Kairi Sane does in the end.