Sheamus Reveals WWE Had No Plans For League Of Nations

Sheamus is a veteran in WWE and has been involved in several storylines. While some were memorable, others were not. For example, most fans are not appreciative of his current storyline with Jeff Hardy.

Sheamus spoke to Miro on his YouTube channel, where he talked about the League Of Nations stable. The stable comprised of him, Rusev, Wade Barrett and Alberto Del Rio. It seems it was an impromptu idea which Jamie Noble came up with and WWE had no plans for them.

So, what happened was I had just beaten Roman [Reigns]. I cashed in the Money in the Bank. This was on a Sunday at Survivor Series. I didn’t even know I was going to cash in until that night. And then the next night on Raw, the day on Raw, they told us they had put this group together, the League of Nations. By the way, This whole came from Jamie Noble. I remember Jamie Noble telling me, ‘I got this idea! Hilarious!’ I was thinking, ‘OK. How’s this going to work? What’s the idea?’ There was no idea behind it. There was no plan behind it, and then on Raw, they just put the four of us together.

Perhaps this was the main reason why the stable was not successful in the long term. Out of the four men, only Sheamus is currently working in the WWE.

h/t to 411 Mania for the transription.