NXT Great American Bash Pt. 2 Recap

Candice LeRae vs Mia Yim

I am not really a fan of these pseudo hardcore matches but the solid work of both Mia and Candice soon drew me in. Candice since her heel turn has been perfect. Stiff kendo stick shots (which are unbelievably painful I can tell you) showed some real aggression. Candice wins with a truly sweet swinging neck breaker from up top.

Mark Henry talks up Keith Lee – A big endorsement indeed.

Bronson Reed vs Tony Nese

Both guys got plenty of room to shine and proved they deserve to climb the card. Reed wins with what used to be called the Breach, now Mauro called it just a generic splash.

Mercedes Martinez vs Santana Garrett

Mercedes Martinez looks like a futuristic assassin and I’m diggin it. It’s a shame this was essentially a competitive squash match, Garrett deserves her own limelight. Mercedes wins with a seriously awesome fishermen’s buster that she really needs a name for.

Johnny Gargano vs Isaiah Swerve Scott

This was a solid match! This pleased my sensibilities greatly. In parts the match had shades of old school chain wrestling, refreshing. Some flippy bits but they looked clean and not cooperative. Gargano wins with the springboard floating ddt. This was the match to legitimize the card.

Io Shirai and Tegan Nox cut a cerebral promo on each other. I think it really worked to build their match.

Legado del Fantasma vs Breezango/Drake

Legado del Fantasma look like legit epic bad asses. Breezango and Drake Maverick were in fine form. Drake looked to be trying to slow himself down, he was moving so fast around the ring! Great action that was solid athletic wrestling without being over the top or unnecessarily dangerous. Santos Escobar won the match with his legit rough finish.

Mick Foley endorses Adam Cole while Shawn Michaels endorses Keith Lee

Keith Lee vs Adam Cole (Championship)

This match proved that NXT when it’s good is untouchable under the WWE umbrella. Back and forth the tides changed as the two one upped eachother’s speed and power. Keith Lee with the snarky shoutout to Gargano was glorious (I made a pun fight me). Clean throughout and this match had a clear winner… Keith Lee!! Double Champ!!

Karrion Kross and Scarlet Bourdeaux look on from the vip box as Keith Lee celebrates his emotional milestone. This was a great night to love wrestling.