Why Hulk Hogan Will Always Remain King of the Ring

Why Hulk Hogan Will Always Remain King of the Ring

The world of professional wrestling has certainly progressed in leaps and bounds since the 1960s and 1970s. The 1980s brought a plethora of world-class talent into the ring and even those who never followed the sport are still aware of the impact that Hulk Hogan had. However, this observation might seem a bit strange if we compare him to modern figures such as John Cena or The Rock. He had a rather limited set of moves, the choreography (at the time) was somewhat choppy and the mainstream media had not yet caught on to the popularity of this sport. So, why was Hogan able to leave such an indelible impression both inside and outside of the ring?

An Imposing Physical Presence

Standing at just over two metres tall, Hogan was certainly one of the largest men of his time. In fact, he would have had to stand next to other legends such as Andre the Giant in order to appear tiny in any sense of the word. Hogan was also unique in the fact that he sported a more athletic physique than many of his contemporaries (the Iron Sheik is an example in this sense).

Hogan was also athletic in terms of his moves, flexibility and speed. Many other wrestlers during the 1980s relied upon their mere presence to intimidate others and captivate fans. When Hulk Hogan took centre stage, this all began to change. Let’s also not fail to mention that his golden hair tended to appeal to West Coast fans; particularly those hailing from influential states such as California.

All About Charisma

However, there is no doubt that Hogan would never have been able to enjoy such stardom if he lacked a quality that cannot be taught. He was one of the most charismatic wrestlers to ever exist. He understood the power of merchandising in terms of exposure and it was not long before children across the United States (and indeed many other portions of the world) began asking for Hulk Hogan pillows as a Christmas present and Hulk Hogan lunchboxes for their first day back at school.

Let us then accelerate forward to the digital age. While it is possible to find more here in regards to the most successful online casinos, there are countless similar websites which are dedicated to rating and reviewing the best wrestlers of all time. This has enabled an entirely new generation of fans to appreciate all that Hogan has contributed. In fact, there is no doubt that major stars such as The Rock learned a great deal from Hogan’s performances as well as his ability to “sell” the sport itself. The world of wrestling would not be where it is today without him.

Although wrestlers will naturally come and go over time, no one will ever be able to fill the shoes of Hulk Hogan. The fact that he continues to actively promote the sport and still interacts with his fans shows just how much of a class act this icon truly is.