Horrific Audio Of Sammy Guevara Saying He Wants To ”Rape” Sasha Banks Emerges

The #SpeakingOut movement is far from over. Several wrestlers have been called out for sexual misconduct. However, it seems their actions are not the only things that have been uncovered. Sammy Guevara had something very disturbing to say about a WWE Superstar when he was only 22 years old.

Guevara was a guest on The Whole F’n Show podcast on January 25th, 2016. During the podcast, he mentioned his visit to the WWE Performance Center. He was blown away by Sasha Banks but he expressed it in the worst way possible. He said that he wanted to ”f*cking rape” her.

Guevara mentioned he was there as an extra and not for a tryout. WWE often calls up local talent when they are in the area if they need more people to fill extra roles such as security guards and the like.

Sammy Guevara has yet to comment on what he said a few years ago as of yet.