Three Bet-Worthy UFC and WWE Fighters

Three Bet-Worthy UFC and WWE Fighters

It’s both amazing and fascinating for fans as well as punters when two sports manage to merge over time. Agreeably, both WWE and UFC have a lot of differences, but still, it is a pleasure to see many UFC fighters come on over to WWE and make a name for themselves.

The last decade has seen a different kind of mania associated with both WWE and UFC. Professionals in both fields have risen to unimaginable fame. This is true in both the sports world as well as that of entertainment. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is now a bona fide Hollywood celebrity, and Ronda Rousey has also been making regular appearances in blockbuster films. But, when it comes down to sports and betting on it, the celebrity aspect takes a back seat. In the end, for fans who enjoy watching UFC and WWE, along with making money from them, it is all about backing the best fighters. 

The Undertaker

A lot of first-time punters are unaware that it is very much possible to bet on WWE matches. Even though the nature of the events isn’t as per regular sports competitions, the results are not known to anyone, and there are always surprises galore that keep things fresh and exciting. Amongst the very best WWE wrestlers is The Undertaker. Mark William Calaway has been an essential part of the organisation, in his fighting avatar, ever since his debut in 1987. He continues to be a favourite amongst fans even after 30 years. If you are planning to bet on The Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania anytime soon, and The Undertaker is going to make an appearance, place a wager on him. After all, he does have a knack for coming back from the dead to cause havoc and become a champion time and again.

Conor McGregor

One of the fiercest UFC champions ever, Conor McGregor, recently announced his retirement to the world. However, knowing the fighter’s past, all it will take is a challenge from a worthy competitor to have him back in the octagon. McGregor’s success during his career has been due to a daredevil attitude, as well as a unique and robust fighting style. In almost all his matches, the UFC odds released by bookmakers favoured him, and for the right reasons. He is a sure winner, and although there have been a few upsets along the way, the fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr being one, McGregor is a strong bet to make whenever he chooses to return.

Israel Adesanya

MMA fans already know about the growing tension between Dana White and the most popular UFC fighter ever, Jon Jones. Although talks are supposedly going on, Jones seems adamant that he has had enough and wants to leave UFC. While there might be other options for him available, UFC is already looking at some of its younger stars to fill the void that both Conor and Jones will leave behind. Amongst them is Israel Adesanya, the 30-year-old Nigerian from New Zealand who has accumulated quite a following over the past year. Known as the “the last stylebender,” Israel is already the UFC middleweight champion and makes for a sure-fire bet, that can result in significant profit margins for an astute punter.