Seth Rollins On The Undertaker’s Character Not Working With Today’s Fans

The Undertaker’s Last Ride docuseries is currently on the WWE Network. Fans are able to see another side to the man who plays the character. Mark Calaway started showing more of himself in his present gimmick and there seems to be a reason for that, according to Seth Rollins.

During a recent episode of After The Bell, Seth Rollins appeared as a guest. He said that The Dead Man’s character does not work with fans of today. The supernatural aspects of his gimmick simply are not believable to the fans. While The Fiend is an exception, he never goes to the extreme lengths which Taker did in his career.

Rollins then explained how the docuseries will help The Undertaker make his transition into the next stage of his career where he will be Mark Calaway.

“The smart thing about this with Taker is, he did it at the right time in his career. 12-year-old you, if you had seen The Last Ride, it would have ruined everything. But we didn’t have that and he wasn’t in the prime of his career.”

“His character doesn’t work today. There are some weird exceptions, Bray Wyatt comes to mind from an ultra-character perspective who sort of slides by a little bit or gets a pass. The Undertaker character is so supernatural, so now that he’s at this point in his life where he is comfortable transitioning out of the character and into Mark Calaway, it makes it okay for me to watch it and see him being a human being.”

“In the long run, I think it will help him transition into being himself and retirement and whatever the next phase of The Undertaker looks like.”

“He did it cleverly. It wasn’t, one day he’s The Deadman; the next day, here’s The Last Ride. He used the story with AJ Styles to lead him into this place where he’s at and he can be The Undertaker on social media too.”

It seems the Dead Man is preparing for his final run in WWE. With AJ Styles still taking shots at him, perhaps he will have his final match with the Phenomenal One.

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h/t to Fightful for the transcription.