Lio Rush Tells Mark Henry To “Stop Being Weird” And Says He Owes Him Nothing

The online feud between WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry and former WWE Superstar Lio Rush doesn’t appear to be coming to an end any time soon.

Henry recently gave some advice to the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, and added that a secret and elite group of African American wrestlers that he formed called, “The Delegation” asked him if they need to go after Rush. Henry told them no, but added that Rush needs to “drop the attitude,” before pointing out that “There’s a reason I’ve been around for 24 years and never been fired.”

Rush of course responded, saying ““And by the way @TheMarkHenry, if you saved my job back then, THANKS. You were my first wrestling toy back in the day. Luckily it didn’t talk.” But he didn’t stop there.

Lio Rush continues to comment on Mark Henry via twitter, this time stating he wasn’t one of the people Henry got hired, and that he owes him nothing. He pointed out that Henry wasn’t the one signing his checks, that he didn’t work for him, and that he doesn’t even know the WWE Hall of Famer. He then told Mark Henry to, “Stop being weird,” and quipped that he was taught “not to talk to strangers.”

“One more thing if you don’t mind @TheMarkHenry, good for you for getting that 80% hired. I wasn’t one of them though, so i owe you NOTHING. You weren’t signing my checks, nor did I work for you. I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU. Stop being weird. I was taught not to talk to strangers.”

You can see Lio Rush’s tweet below.

There doesn’t seem to be any end to their feud in sight, so can just sit back and wait to see what the two say next.

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