Vince McMahon Hits Back At Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

The 2020 edition of XFL met a premature end owing to the COVID-19 outbreak. Vince McMahon reluctantly had to shut down the XFL a few months after its return. XFL commissioner Oliver Luck was fired due to this and he certainly did not take it lightly.

As reported earlier, Luck filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Vince McMahon. However, it seems WWE’s legal team has responded to the suit. According to a report by Sports Business Daily, Vince McMahon gave a reason for the firing, which was simply due to gross neglect.

McMahon was sued for breach of contract for firing Luck. McMahon’s legal representatives have stated that Luck showed negligence in his duties during the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak such as Luck using his XFL-issued iPhone for personal reasons. He also hired former NFL player Antonio Callaway, despite McMahon issuing an order not to hire players with previous legal problems.

These complaints were stated by McMahon’s representatives in a recent pre-trial motion. Luck has rejected the allegations brought forth by McMahon’s lawyers.

Vince McMahon guaranteed Oliver Luck’s contract, where he would be paid $5 million yearly and $2 million annual bonus. McMahon admitted to this guarantee in court.

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