Pro Wrestling and eSports: The perfect tag team?

Pro Wrestling and eSports: The perfect tag team?

Meta description: Professional wrestling, namely the WWE, are likely to be tapping in eSports to their ring and starting a WWE eSports gaming league called the Superstar Gaming League.

Professional wrestling and video gaming may seem like worlds apart, but there is evidence to suggest that both are going to come into a massive collision in the near future. It is rumoured that pro-wrestling will be taking advantage of the trend in eGaming, specifically eSports, and make it their own with a professional eSports wrestling league. The closest we have come to it so far is watching wrestlers do gaming battle at Fyter Fest with the loser eating a hot pepper. Although that is all fun and games, the relationship between wrestling and eGaming may be about to get a whole lot more serious.

What Is eSports?

eSports is one type of eGaming, a trend in video gaming with competitive teams and player battling for life-changing prize money. These matches often take centre stage in arenas with thousands of spectators. eSports is a niche of this and devoted explicitly to gaming with sports games. Due to the huge popularity and growing viewing figures – there are even eGaming channels now – some people are suggesting that eSports is just like any sport and should be considered for the Olympic Games in the future. Whether or not that will be the case remains to be known, but this strand of video gaming is about to blow up, and there is a lot of money in it today.

The Relationship Between Pro-Wrestling and Gaming

Wrestling has not been without gaming in its surge to viewership glory. There have been multiple wrestling games made in line with developments in games consoles themselves. The detail and graphics of these games have gradually improved meaning wrestling fans can easily find high-quality gaming experiences to match their wrestling passion. Some wrestling motifs have even been used to create casino slot games inspired by sports.

Will Pro-Wrestling Launch an eSports League?

There has been evidence to suggest that professional wrestling, namely the WWE, are beginning their own eSports gaming League. Eagle-eyed fans have even found evidence from trademark submission that the league will be called the Superstar Gaming League. The idea that they are already making progress in getting the league off the ground has been backed up by a possible acquisition of Xavier Woods’s gaming channel on YouTube, which WWE now refer to as theirs but hosted by Woods. The new move appears to be part of a lot of new changes within WWE.

Why It Should Be a Success

There is a good chance that an eSports wrestling league will be a success. It could play into the spectacle of wrestling itself with heroes and villains. Some gamers have already taken on these characteristics and become the stage villain just by sitting in the gaming chair. The same sort of aspects and personalities of wrestling could easily be replicated in an adjoining eSports league, especially considering that these gamers are likely to have a budding interest in professional wrestling as well.