Report: What WWE Has Planned For The Undertaker

The Undertaker beat AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36 in a boneyard match. It was highly applauded by fans and wrestlers alike for its cinematic aspects. Taker returned as the American Badass and we might be seeing more of this.

Many fans have been wondering what is next for the Dead Man and if he will finally retire. According to a report by Wrestle Votes, whenever Taker returns, he will be in the same style as seen in the boneyard match.

All indications from three different sources I’ve spoke to believe that whenever we see The Undertaker next, it will indeed be this new ABA style Taker from “The Boneyard” match this past Saturday.

It is unknown when he will be making his return after his WrestleMania match. Whenever he does, it is likely we will be seeing him in the same gimmick.