Triple H Doesn’t Think That Things Will Ever Go Back To Being Normal

Triple H recently spoke to TV Guide as part of the WrestleMania 36 media run, and talked about a variety of topics.

One of which was WrestleMania taking place over two nights and the possibility of WWE holding more events like that in the future.

“This moment in time is changing everything, and I think there are opportunities that we will see and explore now that will become the new norm. So all of those things, whether it’s multiple nights, whether it’s off-site shoots or different things like that, I think those will all be opportunities that we can explore in the future and we’ll see. If they’re successful here, they might be successful in the future as well.”

Triple H was also asked how he feels the pandemic we are currently in will affect wrestling long-term. To which he replied that he doesn’t think that anything is ever going to go back to being normal, and that the world has changed.

“People keep saying “once everything gets back to normal” — I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think the world has changed. I think that it will get back to some normalcy, but the new normal will be what is normal. It’s not going to be what it was before. How people do business, how people interact with each other… I think all of that will change. And for us, in some ways, the opportunity of doing these shows without fans and doing WrestleMania [with] these off-site shoots will open our eyes to different ways of doing things that we maybe didn’t see before and will change the product probably for the better in the long run.”

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