Report: Why Some WWE Superstars Have Not Been Paid

WWE Superstars are generally paid well owing to their contracts. They also have a variety of options as to how they can receive payment. Some Superstars are not paid when there are no WWE house shows.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there are many Superstars who have already earned more than their downside guarantee. Other Superstars chose to have their downside guarantees paid on an even basis. They are still earning money during these troubling times.

Superstars such as Heath Slater are on the list of those who are getting paid.

A lot of the talent would fall into the category as if they were above their downside, they wouldn’t be getting paid right now except for days worked. Some, like Slater, made sure that their $400,000 downside was paid bi-weekly as opposed to agreeing to take the regular payments every other week based on house shows and merch.

It was then said that a “vast majority” of Superstars who do not make their downside receive a substantial amount of money at the end of the year.

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