Coronavirus hampering Wrestlemania? Create your own!

In sitting here watching what the WWE is doing with Wrestlemania taking place in front of no fans in the Performance center (or someplace like it) I was scanning my computer and found a listing for my copy of WWE 2K18 on my version of Twitch. It got me thinking. With the real-life Wrestlemania going through everything thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, how about doing the big show on my own in whatever video games I have? Granted, it won’t be perfect and not everyone or everything the WWE had planned for the big show will be there to use. You’d have to create some of the people to make them part of the matches.

You would probably have to create the arena itself if you really wanted to make things seem like Wrestlemania. If you had a Heros of Wrestlemania type game you can probably use one of those arenas. A personal version of this year’s Wrestlemania would probably look really good with Roman Reigns fighting Goldberg at the Silverdome or Madison Square Garden.

We remember you well Silverdome

As for the people you probably would have to create those if you can.  You could create Rob Gronkowski just to beat the crap out of him. That would probably be more fun than the actual show. You could create your own wrestlers and have them fight WWE’s big names. I’ve done that and can say for me that is a lot of fun.

Create a wrestler and have fun beating on him!

And maybe that could be an idea. The matches are alright, but whatever game you would do this in, have some fun with it! Think Goldberg and Roman Reigns is kind of boring? Make it a street fight! Seen John Cena and Bray Ryatt the first time? Make it into a tables match and something different!

Then again if you are doing the computer version of the show for yourself, you don’t really have to stick to the announced card either. Want to have Brock Lesnar and Bray Wyatt face each other and unify the two world titles? Go for it! How about Drew McIntyre facing off against John Cena? Sounds like fun! Have a match with Hulk Hogan beating up Baron Corbin! Have the Junkyard Dog facing off against Randy Orton. Create a Bruno Sammartino to have at it against Seth Rollins. If the heroes looked up to way back when are not there, create them!

There are some limitations though, you will have to get creative if you want to do a battle royal situation. Then again it seems like WWE won’t be doing the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal that they usually do or the women’s equivalent either. I suppose if you could you could do a royal rumble type match. It will probably take a lot longer than what the real Battle royal has typically done, but again, they don’t seem to be doing a battle royal at all this year so go to town! Have whoever wins your match do something like face one of the world champions in a match. The winners of the Andre The Giant Battle Royals don’t get elevated in the WWE, but this is your deal so make him a champion!

Winning the Andre battle royal didn’t really elevate him did it?

But most of all, no matter which video game you do end up using, have fun! Get creative and create some wrestlers, some title belts for people to fight for, and even create some new rules and matches of your own. The WWE may be handcuffed with what they can do for Wrestlemania, but get yourself a good game and get creative for what the show may be lacking. We may be stuck with what the WWE presents, but this way you can have all the control of what matches happens or who wins and loses. Heck with some games you can even hold your show in front of no fans either.

I don’t know why you would. The WWE doesn’t have much choice in it and that got us to this situation to begin with.