Where was Jeff Cobb?

One of the big names in wrestling now that I am a big fan of is Jeff Cobb. Ever since I first saw him as Matanza Cueto during Lucha Underground I was amazed at the movies he was doing. I had to look up his name because he looked like a guy I should keep an eye on in the future and someone I liked watching in wrestling.

He had the look if a wrecking machine!

I was pleased to see him doing shots in tag matches with Michael Elgin in New Japan pro wrestling. Even though it was mostly tag team matches he still amazed me, only there he wasn’t under a mask or a different name and identity. It seemed my stock in him was getting bigger. He then debuted in Ring of Honor and I got to see him in front of an American audience. I saw him plow through people and make a big impact, and besides watching him wrestle I was thinking “This guy is going places!”

He wrestled like a wrecking machine too!

Unfortunately, he ended up in AEW.

They brought Cobb out in a bounty hunter roll and he faced Jon Moxley. I did see the match and expected something to happen. He looked like such a threat coming out to the ring but then he was jobbed out during the match. I’m not pleased with that but I’m sure someone will defend it. I do not like it and agree with Jim Cornette with the idea they didn’t do Cobb any favors in this either. It didn’t help Moxley much either before he became the world champion at the big pay per view event Saturday night.

Since he was used like that AEW hasn’t mentioned Cobb at all. The next week’s show didn’t even mention him so it is anybody’s guess if he is actually there as a full-time guy or was just brought in for that one match to come out and lose. I actually hope it is the latter and whether AEW does this on purpose or it just happens that way, I hope they forget the whole match even happened.

I’d hope Cobb doesn’t go back to AEW at all but chances are he will. I’d not want him as some cartoonish bad guy. He’s done that already as Matanza.  I’d like to see him as a suplexing monster good guy. Make people afraid to wrestle him. Have him run him through members of the Inner Circle and eventually have him face Chris Jericho and the winner get a title shot against Moxley or whoever is the champion by that point.

Dare I say it but I’d watch Cobb in the main event of an AEW show. Let him toss around someone a billion times in the main event. That is the kind of thing I want to see.  I don’t want goofy character trying to be “entertainers” and low rent copies of what the WWE does. I’d like to see Cobb toss poor guys around until they can’t move anymore.

But to get anywhere close to that, you would probably want to put Cobb on Tv and have him win some matches. It doesn’t take much but I would think someone would be able to figure that out.