Another guy using the pedigree?

I was watching a matchup between Tomasso Ciampa and him wiping the floor with Austin Theory and the thing that jumped out to me was that Ciampa was going for the pedigree move to finish off Theory and end the match.

Really? ANOTHER guy wants to use the Pedigree as his finisher? Like that hasn’t been done before.

The pedigree, of course, was the finisher for Triple H back when he was wrestling and outside of the match with the Ultimate Warrior that one Wrestlemania, people usually didn’t get up from it.

People still talk about how stupid this was.

We’ve been seeing people hit with that move for decades. Remember when Seth Rollins used that move? That I could kind of get. It was part of the story that Rollins when Triple He’s main guy in the ring to do is the boss’s business.  When Rollins broke away from that and became a good guy again that whole thing kind of ended. Now that he is a bad guy again and the “Monday Night Messiah” he doesn’t use it as much but the threat is always there that he will. Heck, Rollins and Murphy tried to use pedigrees on The Street Profits during Super Showdown. It’s not that special of a move.

Ciampa’s character is that of the American Phsycho. Someone that isn’t the clearest of thinkers but he does what he can to get “Goldy” around his waist and is not someone to mess around with. Austin Theory is a good example of what happens when you mess with Ciampa.

So why the heck is he using a pedigree (or whatever they call it for Ciampa) as a finisher? It doesn’t really fit the character Ciampa plays in the NXT show. The move became known as the pedigree with the idea that it was the finisher for a rich snob (Triple H) who had been taught the move by a wrestling tutor when he was being taught how to wrestle. It doesn’t really fit in with a nutzo guy like Ciampa.

As for something else he could do to finish guys off? I would think something quick and sudden. The closest things I could think of were something like Roman Reign’s Superman Punch or the running kick that Randy Orton does to kick guys in the head. Something like that. I’d like something else that isn’t tied to another wrestler so much but I am short of ideas right at the moment.

But I would think there are plenty of better ideas than just giving Chiampa Triple H’s old finisher. Of course with Triple H himself running NXT and for right now, concerning Tomasso Chiampa, it will probably keep going as it is.