Is Brock Lesnar versus Ricochet a dream match we never expected?

Recently on Monday night Raw we were witness to Richochet winning a championship match against Brock Lesnar for the next Super Showdown show in Saudi Arabia. At the time I didn’t put much thought into it. Super Showdown isn’t a show to look forward to usually and Ricochet isn’t someone to give Brock Lesnar much of a fight. He isn’t going to win the WWE title. Heck, if that match is even decent it is more than most expect from it.

 But then I got thinking more about the match.

Sure, Brock Lesnar holding the WWE title doesn’t give much for wrestling fans to be happy about, and this match right before Wrestlemania kind deflates any hope for something happening, let alone it is being done on one of the Saudi Arabia shows where Vince has already been paid so he doesn’t care what happens on this show anyway.

But Ricochet used to be known under a different name on the old Lucha Underground show and under a mask as Prince Puma. He was the Lucha Underground World Champion at one point and was a big high flying star.

Granted, the WWE is a long way away from Lucha Underground and Richochet doesn’t even wear a mask, let alone the one of the Prince, but he still puts on some good moves, even if Brock just swats him away. It is not much to look forward to, and I don’t plan on watching the match live or anything.

But I need to remember even if Ricochet is treated like a nobody at a show that is more for the Saudi Arabian fans, he still can put forth a good effort in the ring. Whether you are that into the high flying type of stuff or not, it takes talent to do that kind of thing so he usually will put forth an amazing show.

But ultimately this is a match put on for a Saudi Arabian audience by Vince McMahon and his crew, so no matter what I think, it isn’t made for me either. Hell even if this was put on in an American setting it wouldn’t be what I would want from this match.

If I want something to be more entertaining and not just Brock tossing Ricochet around in a nothing match I’d better get creating something in the WWE video games because the reality of the situation doesn’t look very promising.

Dream match or not, reality will most likely give us something far less.