HSP Exclusive- Hollywood Vine Interview

Hollywood Vine was a guest on High Spot Podcast and talked about her time with GLOW, how she got started and the current state of women’s wrestling. Find out what the GLOW Original had to say.

HSPWhat was you reaction when you found out GLOW was coming back to Netflix?

Hollywood Vine“Anything that promotes the brand is positive you know and for anybody who has not seen the show it’s loosely based on our show. We have a GLOW documentary and the GLOW documentary I think was inspired by Jenji Kohan, the producer of Orange Is the New Black and that’s why they ended up doing that show because they saw this documentary.”

HSPHow were you approached to be part of the original GLOW?

Hollywood Vine“It’s 1985 I get a message on my “voicemail” saying you have an audition for a sport’s show, they didn’t tell me what it was so I had no idea. I go down there David McLane is standing up there and he’s telling all the girls this show is about women’s wrestling and I didn’t know anything about women’s wrestling I knew other sports but not that one, so those who are interested in learning and training for wrestling could come down to a gym. Mondo Guerrero was there training they needed twelve girls to do a pilot. They started weeding out every body I was one of the twelve. The Royal Hawaiian who is also here with me today was another of the twelve so we learned, we trained with Mondo, we did a pilot, we sold it in 1986, we quit our jobs, and moved to Vegas and we have been in this business ever since. For me it’s been one hell of a ride.”

HSPWhen did you realize the impact GLOW had in pro wrestling?

Hollywood Vine“We did not have the show on in Las Vegas they would not put it on so we didn’t know if we were popular or what when we started touring and people started recognizing us and we started doing all the talk shows that’s when the impact came and then of course as quickly as we came above we were done so we did four seasons and we were done so the recognition after that was hardly anything until that GLOW Netflix show hit and they did that documentary and then Bam! we’re back in the fan’s eyes again and we do GLOW cruises and GLOW meet and greets they’re very fun.

HSPWhat do you think was GLOW’s impact on the Women’s Revolution?

Hollywood Vine“They’re getting more time they are equal and the women today are getting more time in the ring we were the first to have thirty GLOW girls in a Battle Royal we did that thirty years ago see what I’m saying its just rinse and repeat. I give kudos to all the ladies out there they’re tremendous athletes and they’re fun to watch that’s why people love it because you want entertainment and it’s fun. Sometime it’s sexy, sometimes it’s ugly, sometimes it’s mean, but it takes all of those things to make a great show so kudos to the ladies that are here today. That’s sports entertainment.”

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