Did the WWE give up on the US Title?

News has been announced that the WWE has suspended Andrade after he got popped for a wellness policy violation and wouldn’t be seen for 30 days. While that is a bummer in itself because Andrade is a good wrestler, he didn’t lose the title to someone else for those 30 days.

So the US Title seems to be suspended for those 30 days as well.

Now the US title isn’t the most important title belt in the WWE. It usually places second fiddle with the OTHER world title belt not having the Intercontinental belt underneath it. Most of the time the US title barely gets a mention at all.

So did the WWE just tell the fans they don’t care about the US Title either?

Now word has been going around that the title was put on Andrade because he is big with Paul Heyman and the reason he didn’t lose the belt to someone else was because Heyman and others within the WWE don’t want him to lose and look bad.

Yes, The WWE that publically announced that he was being suspended for 30 days because of a wellness policy violation is worried about making him look bad.

But did the WWE kill off whatever credibility the belt had in the process? The US belt doesn’t have the best reputation as it is. It doesn’t headline any shows and you don’t see title matches for it, even on TV. The title belt is the same one used back in 2003 and the WWE claimed that the US title was linked to the one used in WCW and even the Crockett’s NWA. Whether any of that is believable or not. WWE hasn’t exactly given it the priority treatment and tried to convince people of stuff like that to add to the title’s prestige but is this telling people they don’t care at all about it?

Still the same belt.

Maybe we as fans shouldn’t give to much about the belt either. If the WWE itself doesn’t care that much about the US Title, why should any of us that watch their programming?

If I had my choice in the situation (which I don’t but follow me on this) I would start over. Get a new physical belt and hold a battle royal or something to name a new champion. There are plenty of guys on the RAW roster that could use something like that.

Of course, the WWE would probably give it to Baron Corbin.