Vince McMahon did WHAT during Rocky Johnson’s funeral?

It is being reported that Tuesday, during the funeral for Rocky Johnson, that Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson should up to the funeral drunk and behaved awfully during the service.

Thank You, Mr. Johnson!

It is said that Patterson had his microphone he was speaking into turned off and was kicked off stage after going into a drunk story of how he spent the night before drinking out of a toilet. He was reported to called Rocky a few choice things as people were gathered to remember him.

Meanwhile, McMahon did his “strut” that he likes to do on TV around the service. Because nothing says respect like walking around like an idiot during a funeral.

Now, these reports were done mostly by “Superstar” Billy Graham and  Harry Smith, the son of Davey Boy Smith. Since no one got a video of them acting this way (Thank goodness no one took a video of this during a funeral!)  these reports are pretty much all we have to go on of the incident. There may be more to it than what is being said. It is being reported that the family of Johnson isn’t taking offense to this and that it is just Vince Macmahon being himself and they have nothing but love and respect for him.

There must be more to this because right now I want to piss on his grave when he finally dies. I’m not too thrilled with word of Patterson’s behavior either. I don’t think that many people cared about him drinking toilet water, especially at a place like that. Then again, with Patterson’s notorious French Canadian accent, it would be a wonder if anyone could understand him anyway if he was drunk off his ass for this.

And that may the point. Most of us weren’t there. We are getting a lot of what happened second hand so maybe Vince and Pat were drunk and acted like that, but maybe the other part was right and the family was okay with it. That idea puts the Johnson family in a weird light but so be it. If that kind of behavior offended them so much, it is in their court to do something about it. Not me or much of anyone else.

Do we want to know what he thinks?

I would be interested to know what The Rock thinks about this. Granted we probably don’t know the whole story of what he thinks of the reports of Vince and Pat’s bad behavior but you wonder if Vince wants to anger his big moneymaker and big star so much. Who knows?

The ball is in their court so if the family wants to do something about it, is it their place to actually do it. for the rest of us, it isn’t our place too.