Was That Scott Steiner?

On a recent episode of NWA Powerrr, a match was set up with Rick Morton of the Rock N Roll Express getting a team together to face 3 men on NWA Champion Nick Aldis’s team. Aldis said that he was not a member of the actual team wrestling and that the former tag team champions of The Wild Cards would be teaming up with someone else. After stringing it along a little further alarms rang and out walked Scott Steiner as “Big Poppa Pump” was introduced as the third member of the team.

He is still big as Hell


           Scott Steiner hasn’t been seen by most wrestling fans since his run with TNA/Impact or whatever they were calling themselves at that point. Some might remember him from the TNA side project in India, Ring Ka King. Much of those runs were around a decade ago. I didn’t even know if Scott Steiner was even well enough to wrestle in a match anymore. It has been known he has had back issues for a long time now, guess he was feeling up to wrestle some more matches for NWA at this point.

           Steiner isn’t a young man anymore. He has been around for as long as ROH’s champion PCO has been wrestling. And a lot of noise is made about how long PCO has been in Wrestling, it is part of what his character is. Granted Steiner doesn’t do the things PCO typically does during his matches, but Steiner is a lot bigger than most people. Even still he is built like a tank and his arms are probably bigger than most. Even bodybuilders half his age aren’t that big. I won’t go into how he gets that big, as I don’t know if it is legal or not in what he does.

           Steiner also isn’t the wrestler he was during his glory days. I’m not talking about his past day with the NWO as “Big Poppa Pump” but I am going way back to his early 90’s run with his brother Rick. There has been rumor he was picked to be the world Champion by Rick Flair and Dusty Rhodes but didn’t go through with it in 1991. I don’t know how true that story actually is but It was not above believable to have happened at the time.

Holla if you hear him!

           The Scott Steiner now is a long way away from any of that. He was always big but he had gotten HUGE now. Most of the stuff he does in his last few appearances have been kind of painful to watch and he does mostly hits and punches now and does some suplexes but not nearly the kind of suplexes he used to do. He is known more for his loud screaming promos and insane interviews more than anything. He is known more for his “Steiner math” promos from TNA more than the matches he used to have.

           But maybe that is my fault. Sure seeing him now is kind of a disappointment as I used to be a big fan of his. But those days were back in the late 80s and early 90s. A lot of time has passed since then. Sure, seeing him now may be something to laugh at too, but as a fan, what did I expect to happen at this point?

           So if this whole idea of that six-man match goes through and he wrestles again, I just hope he doesn’t embarrass himself or worse, hurts himself trying to do once he did in much better times.