That Miz V/S Bray Wyatt match from TLC.

Not a good match!

I was able to watch TLC and while I thought a lot of the matches were good and enjoyed myself, I easily thought the Universal Title match with The Miz and Bray Wyatt was ungodly awful. It isn’t the first time I’ve seen a big market match by either guy turn into more storyline than action and stink up the show. The match itself was mostly just the Miz attacking Wyatt and then Wyatt laughing about it. We get it, Bray Wyatt it weird and can take the pain, but did we need this match to show people?

           Not that I spent a lot and saw it mostly because my friend wanted to get together that night and we watched the show on the WWE Network. If I had paid 30 or 40 dollars for that kind of match I’d really be pissed. Whether the Network allows the WWE to put on crap like that I don’t know and wish they’d get out of that habit. Of course, the WWE think thewy are so much smarter than their fans that they probably will do this more times than you can count.

           The build-up to the match should have told me it wasn’t going to be a classic. The idea of Wyatt going after The Miz’s family just seemed like an excuse to get more of the reality show on the air than anything else. I don’t watch the Miz’s reality show either. Hell, I don’t watch much reality shows at all. So pardon me if I don’t really care about all the goofy stuff you did to build up this match WWE. I guess if it wasn’t an issue between the two guys actually wanted to beat each other it had to be about something.

           I remember back when they had Miz headlined Wrestlemania with John Cena and then I remember the crowd just waiting for the Rock to show up and do something. That whole show was one of the worst Wrestlemania events they ever had and here we are years later and I fell for it to get THAT kind of match from the Miz. Maybe it is a lesson I need to learn more to recognize.

           Bray Wyatt had a big hand in this disaster too. Remember when there were all kinds of comments about bringing him back to the WWE and how awesome it would be to make him a champion? I didn’t have any of that feeling during TLC when he was getting beat up and laughing. That was totally what people wanted right? It’s all about how weird he is, not that he put on a terrible match right?

           I get what they were leading for though. They brought Daniel Bryan back. It seems a little goofy with his hair being “pulled out.” But whatever. The problem is though if this match with the Miz is any kind of set up, I’m not that anxious to see Bryan beat on Wyatt while he sits there and laughs at him and doesn’t do much else. I could plug in a second video game controller and leave it unused and get the same effect. I wouldn’t have to pay money for that match either.

           If this is the plan going into the Royal Rumble event, they could do something different. Call up Batista. I’m sure he could do something. Nothing bad could happen by having Batista at a Royal Rumble event.

That went well.