King: Top 5 Moments AEW Dynamite 12/11/19

Ladies and gentlemen I’m embarking on a journey tonight as for the first-time-ever I am witnessing an AEW event live. This will be the second wrestling event to see live in nearly fifteen years with the first being the G1 Climax tournament earlier this year. 

I have been an avid viewer of WWE programming for over two decades since the good ole days of The Attitude Era however, I have been diving into the world of All Elite Wrestling and thoroughly enjoying it. So buckle up and I will let you on my experience.

1. Moxley Arrives and Le Champion Makes Him An Offer

Just that one word says it all, absolute chaos is about to erupt! It’s crazy to think how “over” he is in AEW and the crowd went nuts for his entrance. After a Paradigm Shift, The Le Champion Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle came down for a peace offering. 

What’s intriguing about this is that it happened on the same week his former Shield-mate Seth Rollins turned heel aligning with AOP. I am excited that Jericho and Moxley have had a slow-build to their highly-anticipated championship feud. In the meantime, we will be graced with fantastic segments! 

2. Texas Street Fight

This was definitely a hard choice between this and seeing Kenny Omega and Hangman Page live but the non-stop action won the debate with flying colors. This was my first time seeing The Young Bucks live and good lord both brothers are like Energizer Bunnies. 

The More Bang for Your Buck off the stage onto the hard floor was amazing to see. The level of intensity and viciousness that Proud n Powerful bring to the table is unmatchable. It made perfect sense for both rivals to add an exclamation point to their bitter rivalry with a match such as this one.

Nick and Matt can put Santana and Ortiz in the rearview as they chase the AEW Tag Team Championships and have incredible battles with Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian. 

3. Kenny Omega and Hangman Page

One of the superstars I was looking forward to seeing was these two. I began watching them during ROH and NJPW and the entertaining Be The Elite segments and immediately was impressed. They don’t always tag together which makes moments like tonight feel special. 

Omega’s V-Trigger knee strike is even deadlier to see in person I kept thinking good lord this man has a family. PAC delivered a scathing promo demanding his rubber match with Omega and I can’t wait to see that! 

4. Big Things For Big Swole

Big Swole defeated Emi Sakura in a great back-and-forth match. This was Swole’s in-ring debut and she definitely impressed with her agility and determination. I thought for sure the veteran was going to pick up the victory especially after the up-and-comer scored several near-falls but in the end, it was Swole who picked up a big win. 

This guy I was sitting next to me had a conversation about the weird predicament AEW’s women’s division is in at the moment. There is the talent there it’s just really odd that Riho the Women’s Champion isn’t even showcased on television weekly.

I even gave a prediction for them to book a battle royal or a gauntlet match to determine the next number-one contender for AEW Revolution in February. Swole definitely has a bright future! 

5. The Raucous Atmosphere

As I stated before this was my second wrestling event to see live in fifteen years. The atmosphere was Insane there were tons of chants that made my experience very cool. There’s something exciting about starting the show with performers already in the ring contrary to WWE’s old and recycled promo segment that morphs into a predictable match. 

It truly felt like everyone in attendance from start to finish was loud and hyped up for all the action. There were dozens of chants including a “Mamma Mia” during the main event. I will most definitely continue going to live events going forward after an explosive night like tonight. 

I have to give it to AEW, as just like many wrestling fans all over the world they’ve reignited my passion for pro wrestling. The biggest storyline developments were MJF accepting Cody’s challenge with some “unannounced” stipulations, Mox and Jericho’s brilliant build, and last but certainly not least, The Young Bucks leaving Texas as the new number-one contenders for the AEW Tag Team Championships!