Smack the Review: Smackdown Review ( December 6th)

The Smackdown Review returns after a one-week hiatus, which hopefully won’t ahppen again anytime soon. From what I gathered, last week was all about Daniel Bryan and The “Fiend” which filled me with hop for this episode. However, will it deliver or we will have another middling show on Friday nights

Let’s get to business…

Miz Tv

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After a cold open featuring a video package that recapped last week’s shenanigans between Daniel Bryan and the “Fiend”, we transitioned straight into Miz TV segment. The Miz was supposed to have Daniel Bryan as his guest but couldn’t, instead he got another one.

After putting over his tumultuous relationship with Bryan aside, Miz stated that he cares about him and about Smackdown (brand loyalty doesn’t die after Survivor Series after all). Cue “Firefly Fun House” music, and Bray Wyatt appeared on the screen. He said that he doesn’t want to know what happened to Daniel, but since The Miz cares too much he can come and “play” with him instead. Miz tried to rebut Bray who goaded him with a picture of his family.

Overall, this was a functional segment, which did its job of establishing The Miz as a firm babyface in the situation. That comes after reports suggested that WWE wants the Miz vs The Fiend at TLC, which may suggest the idea of something else down the line for Daniel Bryan. Anyway, this was solid and a decent opening for the show.

Miz is backstage calling his wife and calming her down while giving her some security tips at home. Oooooh!! Creepy!!

Mandy Rose vs Alexa Bliss

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This match was set after Bliss returning last week to save Nikki Cross from a beat down by “Fire and Desire”. It started off with Mandy dominating the early stretches (as if the match was long or anything), then Alexa Bliss came back into action after getting her “eyelashes” ripped by Mandy. Nikki thwarted Sonya on the outside, allowing Bliss to hit a “twisted bliss” for the win.

The only interesting thing about this match though, is the introduction of the first Female referee in WWE on the main roster. Jessica Karr was amazing down in NXT, and hopefully will do so on Smackdown. As for the match, hopefully it will lead somewhere or to some sort of story (although mostly it will be a meaningless tag match either on SD or on TLC pre-show).

Dana Brooke/Elias/Drake Maverick … whole thing

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This was bad!. There is no way to describe it. It started with Dana Brooke being approached by Drake Maverick (who has a wife! remember this for later), then he asked her what Dave Batista has that he doesn’t have (by the way, he has a lot). Elias drifted in, and started singing an insulting sonnet to Drake Maverick insinuating that he slept with Drake’s wife. So, the natural reaction was Maverick slapping Elias.

Then, Drake took to the ring and called out Elias. Elias came out and they started “fighting”, a la cartoon style when Duffy Duck tries to fight off a giant on Looney Tunes. After that, he got “spanked” (yes! that happened) on live TV and got his “ass kicked” literally, as well as a mock cover by Dana. All the while Corey and Cole were referencing the Dana Brooke/Batista situation when Maverick is the victim. So, we have a cuckold angle going on RAW, and now whatever this is on Smackdown. This was bad, not even funny, bad!.

Miz is wandering backstage and he goes into a room where he finds a photo shopped picture of his family with Bray Wyatt instead of him. Then he gets jumped by … Bray Wyatt!!?. This is the first time (i remember at least) where Bray shows up in his “human” form on Live TV.

Lucha House Party vs Ali/CHAD GABLE vs Heavy Machinery vs The Revival

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This match was to determine the #1 contender for New Day’s Smackdown tag team titles. It started with a great show of athleticism between Ali and Gran Metalik before action spills everywhere. Lucha House Party got dispatched of quickly by Heavy Machinery, who went on to get eliminated themselves by The Revival.

Then, the best part of the match came down to the final two teams, who managed to have a great sub-match in less than 10 minutes with amazing near falls and athletic prowess. The New Day, who were on commentary, almost got involved after the Revival were thrown into them. The Revival managed to pick up the win though after taking out Ali on the outside and pinning Gable with the “Shatter machine”.

To be fair, I would have been more excited had ALI and CHAD GABLE won, but that is what we can get. Also, I wish it was The Revival vs Ali/CHAD GABLE for the entire match, because that would have been great. Dash and Dawson cut a promo afterwards, and that’s it: Revival vs New Day at TLC ( the only thing that would have made me excited for this would be a TLC stipulation). Anyway! good match it will be of course.

A “Progressive match flo” recaps what happened last week between Roman Reigns, Ziggler, Roode and Corbin.

Roman Reigns is backstage, being interviewed about the Corbin situation, where he vows to beat Corbin at TLC (we getting a TLC match for this ???)

An advert for WWE Backstage.

Sheamus cuts a promo. He is back!!

Lacey Evans vs Haley Jones

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Obviously, this was a squash match and a backdrop to what was coming. Lacey dispatched of Jones quickly, then was interrupted by Sasha Banks. The Boss insulted Lacey’s daughter (we all know family does not need mentioning because it sparks feuds), then Lacey cut a promo ramming up the point that she is a proud babyface by heavily referencing the Marine Core. After that, they squared off, Lacey threaten to hit Sasha with the “woman’s right” only to leave and get attacked by Bayley on the ramp.

Where this is heading I have no clue. Whether it is a championship match for Lacey or a match with Sasha at TLC, the most important thing is to see where this babyface push for Evans go and will it make her more over with the fans.

The Miz is facing Bray Wyatt at TLC!! notice it is “Bray Wyatt” not “The Fiend” , as well as Roman Reigns vs Baron Corbin in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match (really, WWE??).

A recap of WWE’s “Tribute to the troops”.

Roman Reigns vs Dolph Ziggler

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This was a classic Roman Reigns match, i.e it started with Dolph working over Roman Reigns for a while before things could get back and forth or Roman Reigns mounting a comeback. Baron Corbin made his way to the ring halfway through the match, while Roman Reigns was on the offensive. All you need to know by this point is that Ziggler and Reigns had a great TV main-event and that Reigns eventually won.

Then, there is what happened next. Roman Reigns continued to beat down Corbin and co., when someone under the ring helped tie him to the post as Ziggler and Corbin handcuffed him to it. What happened afterwards is going to be etched in the (wrong) annals of history; Ziggler and Corbin managed to shower Reigns with dog food, because he is “The Big Dog” you know!!.

This was ridiculous! I wish I had missed this week instead of last week’s episode and I would have been fine with it. That’s an awful ending, but Vince thinks that is such a good s*it so we need to live with it.

This episode was fairly dull halfway through, but the Drake Maverick/Elias/Dana Brooke thing and the main event angle (not the match) dragged the show to horrendous status in my opinion. While we had some developments and some matches made for TLC at least (good lord we needed some!!), the show was super weak on entertainment factors. I really hope we get through December very quickly so that we can pump ourselves up for Royal Rumble and the road to WrestleMania 36.

Final rating: 4.5/10 (the Drake Maverick stuff and the final angle were just too horrendous to take!!)

This is one man’s opinion after all, you can tell me yours in the comments or reach out on twitter @austin316tn . Till next week!