Corey Graves Thinks “The Fiend” Title is Cool, Dislikes Custom Titles Though

“The Fiend” debuted his new championship and came with mixed reviews amongst fans but Corey Graves thinks it looks cool.

On the After the Bell podcast, Graves gave his opinion regarding the new customized championship for “The Fiend” which has “The Fiend”‘s face on it, Corey Graves doesn’t mind it but has a problem with customized championships as a whole though.

“It’s cool. I think it’s very very cool. I am a big fan of Tom Savini, one of the greatest special effects artists to ever work in the motion picture industry. I think it’s cool that our worlds have collided. The championship in and of itself is very cool, visually. But I have a problem with these customized championships. I always have. I hated when Stone Cold had the Smoking Skull belt. It looked cool, but all of a sudden, the WWE Championship and all of its history is customized to one guy. I didn’t have a problem with the blue Universal Championship because it made sense, it still looks like the WWE Championship. I didn’t hate when Ultimate Warrior would change the strap on his WWE Championship. But all of a sudden, The Fiend is going to defend a title that is just his face? I’m not a huge fan of it. I think it devalues the championship as a whole. The one thing we’ve always got is history, revisionist as it may be. The more you change the championships, the design, it devalues it.

H/T to Fightful for the transcription.

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